4.0mm Adult and Pediatric Flexible Intubation Video Stylet

More options for your intubation tools, especially ideal for difficult airways.



BESDATA Video Stylet - Best Solution for Difficult Airways

BESDATA video stylet is a new intubation tool, it integrated CMOS camera technology with traditional inbubation stylet,  You can use in situation such as teeth loose, airway obstruction, nasal intubation, even patients with limited mouth opening.

BESDATA Video Stylet

1, The stylet is malleable stainless steel. Doctor could bend it into any shape they desired.

2, Stylet size is 4.0mm diameter. Could use with 4.5mm and above E.T tube,suitable for Pediatric and Adult patients.

3, The monitor of video stylet compatible with BESDATA reusable/disposable blades.

4, 1080*720 pixel camera, doctor could see glottis clearly and in real color.

5, Picture /Video function for teaching purpose.

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Video Stylet Detail 1
Video Stylet

Why You Can Trust BESDATA

  • Has reliable experience in R&D production
  • Provides with an excellent quality services system
  • 10+ years in the cycle of video stylet manufacturing
  • A certified FDA/CE/CFDA supplier company
  • Serving for 1000+ worldwide hospital and distributors
  • BESDATA video stylet is less expensive, easy to clean and maintain
  • BESDATA video styletportable, durable, and quick connection ready to use available!

Reource You Want to Learn

How to clean and disinfect the Video Stylet?

In which situation doctors need the video stylet?

What is the comparision between video stylet, flexible intubationscope, video laryngoscope?

Video Stylet

Advanced Technology Video Stylet

Video Stylet Video Cover 1
Video Stylet Video Cover

BESDATA Video Stylet Compared With Video Laryngoscope:

1, They are similar tool both used for airway intubation.

2, Video laryngoscope easier to use.

Video laryngoscope with similar macintosh blades as traditional laryngoscopy, only need relatively little practice time.

3, Video stylet normally operated by experienced doctors, because of operating method is complicated than VL. 

  1. Doctors need reshape the stylet according to different patient’s airway condition.
  2. The intubation process is more complex, as it not like video laryngoscope — gives a Large operating space.

4,Video stylet more ideal for some difficult airway.

  1. Patient’s teeth is loose.
  2. Patient’s mouth opening is small.
  3. Patient’s neck can’t move..etc..


For intubation, see glottis and put tube into airway is actually 2 steps by 2 tools.(laryngoscope + bougie)

But video stylet could do 2 steps both, it’s like bougie with camera.

BESDATA has the immense production of video stylet. It constructs from high-quality materials and exceptional handcrafted procedures. Could you leave us your message now?

Why Besdata Video Stylet Are Trusted by 1000+ Clients

BESDATA Video Stylet

BESDATA manufactures and supplies most medical devices and apparatus that have increased demand in local and international markets. One of our best selling products is the video stylet device.

Video stylet is a virtual medical device commonly used in clinics, ORs, ICUs, and other health facilities. Using this video stylet allows physicians to visualize the vocal cords and endotracheal tube passage of the patients. It helps reduce any risk of severe complications and preventing violent intubations.

BESDATA Video Stylet Advantages:

  • Full-color video display
  • Provides clear and complete visualization of structures
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible to shape for every patient
  • Fully reusable and sterilizable video stylet
  • Built-in rechargeable battery that provides continuous use
  • It reducetime for intubation
  • It have less requirement for limited mouth opening.

Video stylet can directly connect to the monitor without requiring an additional light source and camera. Furthermore, it is a highly comprehensive, versatile, and economical device that is useful for:

  • C-Spine
  • Limited Mouth Opening
  • Airway Obstruction

BESDATA produces video stylet out of different sizes that suit kids, teens, adults, and seniors. We give you the privilege to send us your specific measures and styles for your video stylet.

All of our video stylet devices undergo in-depth planning and research. Our engineers professionally construct video stylet using the most persistent and enduring materials that exceed the ISO 13485 certifications. We make our product undertake inspections and testing before we ship and distribute it to all market necessities.

BESDATA is the only company whom you can depend on for your video stylet. Our company actively participates in the yearly medical fair and anesthesia conferences. We also engage in some training and workshops together with our local and global distributors.

BESDATA video stylet highly recommends by plenty of elite physicians and extensive medical markets. As your trustworthy company, we value the essentiality of every individualâ€TMs health. So, we provide you a high-quality video stylet that guarantees its 100% safety.

We can manage to work closely with you. To have some insight, we can produce you some set of samples, manuals, and catalogs for your video stylet references. Our company has the fastest delivery management which caters to deliver a bulk of your orders in a peak of an hour.

BESDATA can be your enduring partner for your medical devices. We have unsurpassed techniques and styles in working for your video stylet that possibly aids your medical courses and professions. So what are you waiting for? Contact BESDATA and experience exceptional deals!

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