The Next Generation Video Rhinolaryngoscope

BESDATA Video Rhinolaryngoscope

-All in one device with integrated CMOS sensor and LED light source.



BESDATA portable video rhinolaryngoscope

BESDATA video rhinolaryngoscope combine the newest CMOS technology with LED light source together on distal tip of endoscope.  BESDATA video rhinolaryngoscope is suitable for ENT doctors to capture pictures and video when doing ENT examination. The size 2.9mm, 3.9mm, 5.2mm could meet different requirement from pediatric to adult.

BESDATA USB video rhinolaryngoscope

BESDATA USB video rhinolaryngoscope integrated the image process, CMOS technology , LED light source,USB connection all into one device. You can observe and communicate with your patients comfortably when doing ENT clinical examination.

video rhinolaryngosco
video rhinolaryngosco

Why You Can Trust BESDATA

  • OEM and ODM services are welcome
  • Our video rhinolaryngoscope is available at a competitive price.
  • All products are certified by FDA/CE/CFDA
  • Over ten years of manufacturing experience
  • Accept small MOQ orders
  • Fast delivery
  • Professional after-sale serviceWhat is the working therapy of Video Rhino-Laryngoscope?How Many Types of Video Rhinolaryngoscope?How to download the software and connect the USB Video Rhinolaryngoscope to computer ?What is the Video Rhinolaryngoscope used for?

Reource You Want to Learn

What is the working therapy of Video Rhino-Laryngoscope?

How Many Types of Video Rhinolaryngoscope?

How to download the software and connect the USB Video Rhinolaryngoscope to computer ?

What is the Video Rhinolaryngoscope used for?

video rhinolaryngosco

Advanced Technology Video Rhinolaryngoscope

video rhinolaryngoscope video cover
video rhinolaryngoscope video cover

BESDATA Video Rhinolaryngoscope

BESDATA Video Rhinolaryngoscope result in 2 version, USB video rhinolaryngoscope or Portable video rhinolaryngoscope with 3.5inch screen.

BESDATA video rhinolaryngoscope has outstanding image quality,  It combine the CMOS technology and LED light source together in distal end tip ,  you don’t need to buy image process and LED light source seperately.  BESDATA video rhinolaryngoscope can deliver HD images. As a result, it can show greater detail for examinations.

Additionally, our video rhinolaryngoscope is 3.9mm outer diameter small. It has a scope that illuminates a broad area to provide a detailed image within the field of view. BESDATA video rhinolaryngoscope with an outstanding ergonomics operation design , It allows the doctors to control and abserve stable and comfortable.

Why Besdata Video Rhinolaryngoscope Are Trusted by 1000+ Clients

BESDATA Video Rhinolaryngoscope


BESDATA is one of the most reliable videos rhinolaryngoscope manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have been in the endoscope industry for over ten years. You are in the right place when you need a video rhinolaryngoscope. BESDATA offers top-quality video rhinolaryngoscope at a competitive rate.

BESDATA is a leading video rhinolaryngoscope manufacturer in China. We offer a reliable video rhinolaryngoscope to meet your different therapeutic and diagnostic procedure requirements. Furthermore, BESDATA manufactures video rhinolaryngoscope with exceptional optics for greater control during examination and intubation. It can help you maximize your diagnostic and emergent outcomes.

BESDATA Video Rhinolaryngoscope Key Feature
  • High resolutionimage quality
  • Wideview field
  • Could support seperate monitor or connect with computer by USB connection.
  • Generous treatment channel
  • lightweight
  • ergonomic design
  • user-friendly handling
  • control button positioning

BESDATA video rhinolaryngoscope has exceptional illumination and High Definition resolution. It can reach the not easy to go corner with finest size and wide field of view.

BESDATA is a certified video rhinolaryngoscope manufacturer and supplier in China. We can support your business by providing a separate big screen (7”inch monitor) and a portable screen (3-inch monitor). The COVID-19 airway management guidance listing recommends BESDATA video rhinolaryngoscope.

Our company has professional and skilled workers to design your ideal video rhinolaryngoscope. We can offer different models like BD-RU video rhinolaryngoscope and BD-RP video rhinolaryngoscope. BESDATA can provide high-quality video rhinolaryngoscope for image capturing and endoscopy, especially for ENT doctors.

If you need a high-quality video rhinolaryngoscope, BESDATA is the best manufacturer and supplier. We have been a leading supplier to 1000+ professional global distributors since the beginning.

BESDATA is your best video rhinolaryngoscope manufacturer and supplier in China. We can provide functional products and outstanding services for you as a certified video rhinolaryngoscope manufacturer.

If you’re interested in BESDATA video rhinolaryngoscope, please don’t hesitate to contact our team now!


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