Video Laryngoscope Price

Video laryngoscopes are important equipment that have revolutionized the diagnosis of certain types of ailments.

A video laryngoscope is mainly used to diagnose throat or vocal cord conditions. The price of this equipment might vary depending on various factors.

1.  Factors Affecting Video Laryngoscope Price

Video laryngoscopes are not cheap and there are certain factors that might either lower or raise the price.

The cost of a video laryngoscope can range from as low as less than $300 to as much as $8,000 and more.

Below are some of the factors that impact the prices of video laryngoscopes;

Video layngoscope

Video laryngoscope

  • Price of the video laryngoscope blade – There are two main categories of laryngoscope blades; Reusable and disposable.

Disposable blades are only used once after which they are disposed of and thus tend to be cheaper than reusable blades. On the other hand, reusable blades can be used up to 1000 times and they are more expensive.

  • MOQ of the video laryngoscope – MOQ refers to the least number of items a supplier is willing to sell at a certain price. Normally, MOQ will apply when buying video laryngoscopes in bulk. A higher MOQ gets you lower prices and vice versa.
  • Size of the video laryngoscope – Bigger laryngoscopes cost more compared to smaller ones. It is self-explanatory that bigger video laryngoscopes require extra materials to manufacture and this affects the final price.
  • The cost of the laryngoscope handle – Generally, the price of video laryngoscope handles ranges from $1000 to $15,000 and more.
  • Materials used – Most video laryngoscope blades are either made from plastic or steel. In as much as plastic blades are less costly as compared to steel blades, steel is a strong metal with desirable features. Therefore, investing in steel blades could be beneficial in the long run.
  • Features of the video laryngoscope – Different video laryngoscopes might have different features which could potentially increase the overall price.

For instance, some video laryngoscopes might have an anti-fog feature or reliable batteries that notifies you about the state of the battery charge.

2.  How To Get The Best Price On Video Laryngoscope

To get the best price for your video laryngoscope purchase, you might want to consider the following;

  • Enquire from different suppliers before settling on the final one – Different suppliers will propose different prices and some might be on the higher side.

By sampling a variety, you will understand the market price and decide on the best deal available.

  • Bargain the price – Bargaining is an important skill for any buyer seeking to get the best price.

Therefore, be sure to bargain the price as most suppliers are willing to lower prices to a certain level.

  • Buy your video laryngoscopes in bulk – Buying in bulk allows you to get large discounts on your purchases. This can greatly reduce the overall cost per item.
  • Buy your video laryngoscopes directly from the factory – Not only will you have better deals on warranties when buying directly from the factory but also get large discounts on your purchase.

3.  How Curved And Straight Blades Affect Video Laryngoscope Price

Generally, straight blades are cheaper as compared to curved blade designs depending on the blade material.

Blades of video laryngoscope

Blades of video laryngoscope

4.  How Disposable Components Affect Video Laryngoscope Price

Blades are the main disposable components in video laryngoscopes.

Disposable blades are not only cheaper but also have a reduced risk of infection as compared to reusable blades.

Take into account that you can only use disposable blades once.

If you come to think of it this could potentially increase the overall costs in the long run and therefore it iss important to make a wise selection.

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