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BESDATA is a premier manufacturer and supplier of video laryngoscope blades. Our R&D team ensures safe and high-end products for you.Our range of video laryngoscope blades is available in various types and models.We also accept ODM solutions for video laryngoscope blades!Contact us immediately!

BESDATA Video Laryngoscope Blade - Best Solution for Difficult Airways

BESDATA is a 10 years professional video laryngoscope blades manufacturer in China.  We specialize in designing a fully portable and lightweight video laryngoscope, and reusable 304 stainless steel blades, and disposable plastic MAC 2, 3, 4 blades. It is real-time that can take photos and videos during the operation. According to your requirements, we can provide neonate video laryngoscope blades, large adult, medium adult, small adult, premature, pediatrics, and more. Settle with BESDATA now!

BESDATA Video Laryngoscope Blade

Reusable Video Laryngoscope Blade

For BD-DF Reusable Video Laryngoscope and BD-M7DF Reusable Video Laryngoscope with 7 Inch Monitor

Dolphin Plastic Video Laryngoscope Blade

For BD-HT Dolphin Plastic Video Laryngoscope

Disposable Video Laryngoscope Blade

For BD-DP Disposable Video Laryngoscope and BD-M7DP Disposable Video Laryngoscope with 7 Inch Monitor

BESDATA Video Laryngoscope Blade

BESDATA Video Laryngoscope Blades are designed to connect and disconnect from the handle of the video laryngoscope, with a standardized fitting (engaged at 45 degrees).  These are made from plastics, steel and most are chrome plated. BESDATA produces variations of blade shape and sizes to meet different medical requirements. If you’re looking for high-quality video laryngoscope blades, always rely on BESDATA. We have rich knowledge and experience in this domain and can support your needs.


Video Laryngoscope Blade
Video Laryngoscope Blade

Why You Can Trust BESDATA

  • BESDATA passed ISO13485 quality system 
  • 1000+ professional distributors worldwide
  • FDA/CE/CFDA authenticated supplier for video laryngoscope blade
  • 1000+ professional distributors worldwide
  • 10+ years manufacturing experience
  • Always undergo rigorous testing and inspection, offer after sales warranty
  • Comfortable video laryngoscope blades, ergonomic design and is anti-microbial
  • Quick response, fast delivery and
  • 24/7 online support

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Video Laryngoscope Blade

Advanced Technology Video Laryngoscope Blade

BESDATA Video Laryngoscope Blade

If you’re searching for an excellent blade for your video laryngoscope device, why not purchase it here at BESDATA? We deserve your visit and trust. Find the right video laryngoscope blade here at a very affordable rate. All are FDA, CE, CFDA, and ISO certified video laryngoscope blades.

Before shipment, we undergo strict quality control and inspection to ensure high-performance, high-quality and high-precise video laryngoscope blades. We are equipped with advanced manufacturing lines and inspection machines in China. Our team is capable of producing large orders for your project. Message us today!

Why Besdata Video Laryngoscope Blade Are Trusted by 1000+ Clients

BESDATA Video Laryngoscope Blade


airway cart management ecosystem

For your video laryngoscope blade, Besdata has a lot to offer. We are a leading video laryngoscope manufacturer and supplier, as well as a video laryngoscope blade. Here at Besdata, you can achieve a cost-effective solution for any video laryngoscope component such as blades.

We create all types and models of video laryngoscope blades, including pediatric video laryngoscope blade, neonatal video laryngoscope blade, small adult video laryngoscope blade, d-airway video laryngoscope blade, etc. Based on your needs, BESDATA accepts ODM requests for video laryngoscope blade products.

BESDATA video laryngoscope blade is specialized equipment, well tested, and safe to use. It is a durable, lightweight, self-contained, battery-operated, portable, and affordable solution that keeps your preferred intubation technique. This device can maximize your chance of first-attempt success and minimize time-to-intubate.

Our range of BESDATA video laryngoscope blades allows quick and easy intubation. It has a high-performance display providing a consistent, clear real-time view of your patient’s airway. Whether a child or adult, with BESDATA, you are always prepared for the difficult airway.

BESDATA Video Laryngoscope Blade is Suitable for:

  • Difficult intubation
  • Airway visualization
  • Tube check
  • Routine intubation
  • Training of intubation skills

All our products deliver to the market have researched thoroughly to meets the market standard. BESDATA is composed of skilled expertise manufacturers that produced video laryngoscope blades using quality materials. We ensure that you will find in BESDATA the reliable video laryngoscope blade for your difficult airway trolley or utilized with other visualization devices for routine intubation.

As one of the leading manufacturers for airway management, BESDATA value the importance of every people’s health. By providing comfortable and satisfying airway management equipment, we could guarantee 100% quality products.

Our production team will work closely with you in every process. Before delivered to you, we will provide a free sample for you to check the quality. BESDATA aims to produce easy to use and effective video laryngoscope blade at a very affordable price.

Whether you’re a start-up business, a hospital that needs a video laryngoscope blade, or a supplier and distributor, BESDATA will satisfy your needs and requirements.

Our team is constantly updated and stays ahead of our new growing BESDATA video laryngoscope blade products. So, please feel free to message us directly for your inquiries and consulting about video laryngoscope blades.

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