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BESDATA has vast experience in subdermal needle electrodes manufacturing. We have over ten years in the industry and have been supplying top-quality subdermal needle electrodes. BESDATA can manufacture subdermal needle electrodes from high-tensile strength stainless steel. We are a leading subdermal needle electrodes manufacturer to meet your every need.

BESDATA Subdermal Needle Electrodes

BESDATA manufactures subdermal needle electrodes from high-strength stainless steel. BESDATA subdermal needle electrodes adopt clearing for both recording and stimulating. It comes in various styles and lengths, single or pair, lead wire color, and size. Customers from different parts of the world have the flexibility to choose the right set of needle electrodes.

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Why You Can Trust BESDATA

  • Ten years of manufacturing experience
  • All subdermal needle electrodes are certified by FDA/CE/CFDA.
  • We accept ODM solutions for subdermal needle electrodes to support your brand.
  • We manufacture subdermal needle electrodes with many many sizes and styles.
  • Fast delivery for all your orders, small orders dispatched immediately.
  • Attend more than eight professional medical fairs (FIME, MEDICA, CMEF, ARAB Health) and anesthesia conferences (ASA, ESA… )

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Advanced Technology EEG Cap 10 20

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BESDATA Subdermal Needle Electrodes

BESDATA subdermal needle electrode is precision cut for easy insertion. It is also individually packaged in pre-printed, sterile pouches for easy and safe identification. BESDATA subdermal needle electrodes can be Twisted Pairs or Monopolar EMG Needle Electrodes.

The twisted-pair subdermal needle electrodes are applicable for further reduction of noise. Thus, it can give a reliable and more precise signal. These twisted pair is available in stainless steel needle with different diameter and color combination. Furthermore, BESDATA subdermal needle electrodes are compatible with Bio Amp Cables and ADInstruments Bio Amps.

Why Besdata Subdermal Needle Electrodes Are Trusted by 1000+ Clients

BESDATA Subdermal Needle Electrodes

subdermal needle electrodes

BESDATA is a professional subdermal needle electrodes manufacturer and supplier with over ten years of expertise. We are certified by FDA, CFDA, and CE industry standards. In addition to this, passing to ISO 13485 quality standards is our advantage. BESDATA can supply with you the highest quality and reliable subdermal needle electrodes.

Our subdermal needle electrodes are suitable for Bio Amp Cable And ADInstruments Bio Amp. It is to record subdermal biopotentials like ECG and EEG. There are different types of electrodes for other applications, including:

  • spring clip electrodes
  • micro-hook electrodes
BESDATA Subdermal Needle Electrode Features and Benefits
  • Optimal signal quality
  • Twisted pair models for noise issues reduction
  • Very smooth repositioning and penetration
  • The efficiency of use with color-coding
  • Easy to open pouch for hassle-free and quick preparation of the patient
  • Gently tapered
  • Precision cut
  • Ultra-sharp lancet tip effortless skin penetration
  • Medical grade stainless steel needle for flexibility and optimum strength
  • Touch proof (DIN 42 802)

BESDATA subdermal needle electrodes have a wide choice of wire colors. It is mainly white, black, red, yellow, blue, green, purple, and many more. In addition, our range of subdermal needle electrodes minimizes the adverse postoperative neurological effects on patients. 

BESDATA is your reliable subdermal needle electrodes manufacturer and supplier in China. It is available in many sizes and lengths. We can support your brand by providing OEM and ODM services. All sizes of BESDATA subdermal needle electrodes can be available as you requested. 

Our company is over ten years in the industry. We strive to give you authentic design and top-quality subdermal needle electrodes to meet your standards. We manufacture your product with the safest procedure to satisfy all your needs. 

BESDATA establishes training courses and workshops for our local distributors, thanks to the presence of more than eight professional medical fairs, including MEDICA, ARAB HEALTH, CMEF, and FIME. 

If you are interested in our subdermal needle electrodes, please don’t hesitate to inquire about us!

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