BESDATA Subdermal Needle Electrodes

A BESDATA subdermal needle electrode is composed of a stainless-steel needle connected with a cable and a 1.5mm DIN touch-proof connector. The subdermal needle electrodes are mainly used to monitor and record nerve signals in EEG, evoked potentials, and intra-operative monitoring.

BESDATA Subdermal Needle Electrodes Advantages

  • Sharpened tip to reduce the patient’s discomfort when moving the needle.
  • Stainless-steel needle that can easily slide in and out of tissues.
  • Pre-attached colour-coded cable for easy recognition and monitoring.
  • Low-impedance and low-noise signal transfer.
  • 5mm DIN connector is compatible with most EEG systems.
Subdermal needle electrodes
Order Number Model Number Needle Length Cable Length
303076 BSN1210 12mm 1000mm
303077 BSN1215 12mm 1500mm
303078 BSN1225 12mm 2500mm

Ultra-Sharpened Tip

BESDATA subdermal needle electrodes are equipped with ultra-sharpened tips made from stainless steel. This design helps reduce the patient’s discomfort and pain during insertion and removal of the needle. This also facilitates the work of personnel.

Subdermal needle electrodes detail
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