BESDATA Single Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope

Besdata flexible single use digital flexible ureteroscope is composed of 2 parts, BESDATA flexible endoscope and BESDATA image processor.  It allows you to do diagnostic and operative ureteroscopy procedures. With the CMOS techonology development, you can have similar or even advanced resolutions than reusable ureteroscope. No disinfection reprocessing procedure, no repairing cost, you no need worry about surgery delay or cancel due to lack of ureteroscope.

BESDATA Single Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope Advantage

  • High resolution digital images
  • Sterilization package, no need reprocessing
  • No cross-infection
  • Compatible with All-In-One BESDATA image processor
  • Disposable, No maintenance
  • Consistent Performance for Every Case
  • Light weightness, ergonomic design
Order No. UR-F1 UR-F2
Direction of View Forward Forward
Depth of Field 2-50mm 2-50mm
Distal Tip Diameter 9.5Fr(3.1mm) 7.8Fr(2.6mm)
Insertion Tube Outer Diameter 8.5Fr (2.8mm) 7.5Fr (2.5mm)
Working Channel Diameter 3.6Fr (1.2mm) 3.6Fr (1.2mm)
Angulation Range 275°Up/275°Down 275°Up/275°Down
Working Length of Shaft 650mm 650mm
Screen Type TFT LCD
Length-width Ratio 16:10
Resolution 1280X760
Connectors Discription
Video Input 10 pin lemo plug
Video Output AV,HDMI, SDI, DVI, CVBS, USB3.0
Photo and Video Store SD Card
Recording Function
Recording Format JPG for photograph, MP4 for video
Memory Capacity 32GB
Function Button Description
Power switch Power on/off
Brighten the image brightness Brighten the image brightness
Dim the image brightness Dim the image brightness
Video Recording video
Photo Photograph
Zoom in/out Zoom in or zoom out the image
White balance Manual white balance
User mode User mode

BESDATA Single Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope Special Features

  • CMOS chip on tip of the endoscope, no need light source
  • 7.5mm deflection radius are adapted to indications in urology
  • 1:1 torsional from hand movement to distal end
  • Working channel of 3.6Fr(1.2mm)
  • 9.5Fr/7.5Fr OD optional
  • 275°up/down rotation in both directions
  • Compatible with existing technology of holmium lasers and lithotriptors and other instruments.
  • All-In-One image processor including patients workstation, image processing software.
  • Image processor with touch-screen
  • Could be mounted in mobile cart
BESDATA Single Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope
BESDATA Single Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope

BESDATA Single Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope Advanced Technology

You can use BESDATA complete system alone or connect BESDATA image processor to any HDMI/SDI/AVI monitor in your operation room during operation. You can use it in a widely clinical situation including inpatient, outpatient, office, and asc.


You can have similar techinical features of the BESDATA single use digital flexible ureteroscope, comparing to reusable ureteroscope. The image quality no compromise.  The BESDATA disposable ureteroscope are lighter, cheaper while the reusable flexible ureteroscope more expensive and fragile, need maintaince, reprocessing.

You and your team can easily perform an operation with a BESDATA disposable ureteroscope, you can easily see and treat a wide range of stone and other urological, no need worry lack of reprocessing and expensive reusable ureteroscope.

BESDATA Single Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope
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