BESDATA Silver/Silver Chloride Stamped Cup Electrodes

BESDATA silver/silver chloride stamped cup electrodes are made from pure silver coated with AgCl.  The 99.9% pure silver EEG cups use silver sheet metal blanks that are cut. The advantage of this method is that the BESDATA EEG cups are well-fitted to the scalp and will not be easy to take off.

The cup tail is waterproof, you can easily clean and disinfect the cup electrodes. BESDATA stamped AgCl cup electrodes are designed for accurate EEG, EMG, ECG, EOG, and PSG examinations.

BESDATA Silver/Silver Chloride Stamped Cup Electrodes Advantages

  • Special waterproof double-layer tube protection between the cup and the cable.
  • Cup and tail design ensure secure attachment to the scalp.
  • Optimized signal quality: no potential drift, low DC offset, low resistance.
  • Medical-grade TPU cable with Kevlar-reinforced wire core to enhance durability.
  • Custom options for cable length and color.
SilverSilver Chloride Stamped Cup Electrodes video cover
Cup material Pure Silver
Coating Layer material AgCl coating
Cup Diameter (Ø) 10 mm
Cup mould process Casted
REACH & RoHS compliant YES
Lead wire core Tin Plated Copper with Kevlar
Lead wire length 1m,1.5m,2m, 2.5m or customized
Lead wire colors 10 colors
Connector DIN 42802
Pack 10 per pack or customized
Order Number Cable Length
E041010 1.0m
E041015 1.5m
E041020 2.0m
E041025 2.5m
E041030 3.0m

Stamped and Casted EEG Cup Electrodes

All BESDATA AgCl EEG cups can be manufactured in 2 different ways. The stamped EEG cups are processed by cold-cutting 99.9% pure silver sheet metal pieces. The casted EEG cups are casted in molds from molten silver ingots/billets.

SilverSilver Chloride Stamped Cup Electrodes Detail
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