Salt Water Caps

Besdata salt water caps is a new type of EEG Cap which use salt water as conductive material and no deed EEG Gel or Paste.  It could reduce impedance in a very short time.  It usually come with 1~19 electrodes , which could match with most clinical & neurofeedback users requirement.

Salt Water Caps Advantage


  1. DB25 or 1.5Din connector, could match most of the market amplifier.
  2. The electrodes could be replaced in any position if any broken or need any special replacement position.
  3. No need Gel, No need paste, Saving money and preparation time.
  4. Inside with Sintered AgCl electrodes, which offers low impedance.
  5. All the components can be replaced seperately if any faulty electrodes. The components means electrode holders, cables, chin straps, electrodes and sponges.
Salt water caps video cover

Saltwater cap: 1 pcs

Container 1000mL: 1 pcs

12g electrolyte (NaCl) : 2 packs

Sponge replacement: 1 pack

Pressing Tool: 1 pcs

Tips to Get the Impedances Down Quickly

You can use a spray bottle or pipette to put some salt water on the sponge or add some more salt water if impedance high.

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