BESDATA Reusable Gold Cup EEG Electrodes

BESDATA reusable golden cup electrodes have a copper substrate with heavy gold plating. The thick plating and professional craftsmanship make our cup electrodes more durable.

Also, our medical-grade TPU cable with PTFE-reinforced wire core is durable and highly elastic. Finally, a safety DIN42802 connector makes our reusable electrodes compatible with EEG devices of other brands.

Advantages of BESDATA Reusable Gold Cup EEG Electrodes

  • Copper substrate with heavy gold plating.
  • Quality manufacturing of the perfect cup shape.
  • Low impedance of signal.
  • Corrosion-proof surface.
  • Safety 1.5 mm DIN42802 connector, providing compatibility with many EEG devices.
  • Variety of available cable colors and lengths.
  • Medical-grade TPU cable with a tensile wire.
  • Cost-effective, reusable solution.
Reusable gold cup electrodes Video Cover
Product Name Gold coated EEG electrodes
Cup material gold plated
Cup diameter 10mm
Connector Type Din 1.5mm
Cable length 1.5m 2m 2.5m or customized
Cable material TPU
Cable color Red, White, Green, Black, Grey, Brown, Blue, Purple, Orange, Yellow
Order Number Cable Length
E021010 1.0m
E021015 1.5m
E021020 2.0m
E021025 2.5m
E021030 3.0m


Less Noise and Low Impedance

BESDATA reusable gold-plated cup EEG electrodes are designed to transfer stable and reliable EEG signals.

Our precisely stamped cups are available in 10 mm (for adults) and 6 mm (for children) diameters. Furthermore, the wide edge facilitates low impedance during the assessment of your patient. A cable connection with the sensor will not be interrupted easily.

We test our electrodes with a series of rigorous tests to ensure the longevity and quality of our equipment.

Reusable gold cup electrodes detail
Reusable gold cup electrodes detail

Less Displacement, Easier Operation

Our professional design allows for easy placement on the scalp. The center hole in the EEG cup provides intuitive guidance for the filling of electrode gel or paste.

The adjustable cup neck keeps the cup more fitted to the scalp and prevents the shifting of electrodes. Lastly, the color-coded lead wires help inexperienced personnel place the electrodes correctly.

Flexible Anti-Tangle Lead Wires

BESDATA gold-coated cup EEG electrodes feature lightweight medical-grade TPU wires, lead wires, tensile wires, and wire cores with Kevlar-reinforced tin-coated copper. All this makes the wires bend-resistant and anti-tangle.

We offer different lengths: 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2 , 2.5 , and 3 meters. BESDATA electrode wires fulfill all your different monitoring needs.

Reusable gold cup electrodes detail
Reusable gold cup electrodes detail

Thick Gold-Coated Layer

Besdata reusable gold cup EEG electrodes are made of gold plated copper. Thicker coated layer is attribute to compact, good abrasion-resistance and scratch resistance. It is not easily fall off and loose. Plated with heavy gold is also available.

Durable 1.5mm DIN Connector

The BESDATA reusable gold cup EEG electrodes use a 1.5 mm DIN connector (DIN42802) with a high-quality spring inside. This connector guarantees a durable, tight connection with most EEG systems. The accuracy of the signal remains stable even after 10000 insertions.

Reusable gold cup electrodes detail
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