BESDATA Reusable EEG Electrodes

Clear signal transfer, Durable usability, Easy insertion and extraction with any EEG device.




BESDATA Reusable EEG Electrodes

BESDATA electrodes are designed by our team with 10 years experience and tested thousands of times. Combined with ergonomics, unique surface to support our electrode brim more fit to the scalp. The outstanding connector is choosed from thousands materials, it promise the insertion and extraction from the EEG amplifier smoothly.  The cup and cable connection part by mould injection, which is not easy to lift up from scalp.  BESDATA Reusable EEG Electrodes also durable and easy for disinfection.

BESDATA Reusable EEG Electrodes

Besdata reusable EEG electrodes can be reuse when adequately cleaned and disinfected after every use. You can find broad models of this collection, including reusable gold cup electrodes, reusable pediatric cup electrodes, pure silver stamped cup electrodes, plastic gold cup EEG electrodes, etc. There are plenty of choices to choose from: wire length, wire colors, sensor material, sensor cup size and more.

Besdata reusable eeg electrodes
Besdata reusable eeg electrodes 2

Why you can trust BESDATA

Thicker coated layer.Low impedance and noise; constant and clear signal.

More durable.Medical grade Insulated TPU lead wire. Available in different lengths and colors.

safety DIN 42802 connector, compatible with all medical devices CE, ISO13485, FDA.

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Besdata reusable eeg electrodes

Advanced Technology Reusable EEG Electrodes

Besdata reusable eeg electrodes video cover
Besdata reusable eeg electrodes video cover 2

1, Flexible anti-tangle lead wires

We choose the lightweight and top quality medical grade TPU wire. And the core is Silver Plated Copper with Kevlar tensile wire core. Based on different operation needs, you can choose different lengths: 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3 meters or customize your own length.

2, More than 10000times insertion and extraction testing.

Safety DIN 42802 touch proof connector is applicable for most medical devices. The connector pass more than 10000 times insertion testing.

3, Cups coating with thick heavy gold.

The gold coated cups with different coating thickness to meet different requirement.  From 10μm to 40μm, 80μm.

Why Besdata Video Laryngoscopes Are Trusted by 1000+ Clients

BESDATA Reusable EEG Electrodes


EEG Electrodes


Are you looking for a reusable EEG electrode for your research studies or medical applications, BESDATA is your reliable source. We are providing the highest quality reusable EEG electrodes in the industry.

BESDATA reusable EEG electrodes got complete certifications with CE, FDA, and CFDA standards. It features a crystal clear signal, long-time ease of use, and extra durability. Available in various materials and accessories, such as Silver Plated (Ag), Gold Plated (Au). The cup size and height, as well as wire length, can be customized as per demand.

The BESDATA reusable EEG electrodes provide optimal comfort to the patient. With its low-profile disk, soft and flexible tangle-free lead wires, it shows utmost quality. BESDATA offers the best solution for reusable EEG electrodes.

Our reusable EEG electrodes are compatible with most EEG equipment, such as Grass, Cadwell, Embla, Natus, Nicolet, NicoletONE, Respironics, and many more. It is available in a variety of materials, models, lengths, colors, and lead wire.

The cups are available in two different sizes – 10mm and 6 mm. There is also an extensive color selection on the lead wire; you can choose from brown, tan, red, white, orange, violet, yellow, blue, and green.

BESDATA reusable EEG electrodes have unique and versatile touch-proof connectors. You can choose anti-tangled lead wires for added strength. Although reusable has a little bit of risk compared to disposable, you will get benefit from its:

  • stable, constand and high quality clear signal
  • Long time convenient for using
  • Watertight design enables long electrode life
  • Reduce lift risk due to the special ergonomic cup-cable connection design.
  • Optimal patient comfort
  • Optimized connector design

BESDATA reusable EEG electrodes key features are:

  • Low noise disk cup, soft and flexible , durable, strength  lead wires
  • Smoothly insertion and pull out from headbox
  • Lead-free, latex-free, and BPA-free materials
  • CE, FDA, and CFDA compliant electrodes
  • Wide flange ensures a low-impedance interface to a patient
  • Shockproof features, precise design
  • Durable finish standards

The Besdata reusable EEG electrodes serve over 1000 distributors around the world. We have distributors in the US, Germany, Brazil, and so on. Our distributor network provides after-sale service, like replacement.

At Besdata, we keep in mind the ever-changing market requirements; therefore, we updated and improved our reusable EEG electrode’s quality and design. We always provide medical accessories to match the performance needed by users.

Our expert team will design and develop reusable EEG electrodes keeping in mind the safest design. With more than ten years of experience in the field, we will provide you the best solution you needed.

If you are interested in our reusable EEG electrodes and services, you can send us an email or call us via our distributors.

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