BESDATA Reusable EEG Electrodes

Clear signal transfer, Durable usability, Easy insertion and extraction with any EEG device.




BESDATA Reusable EEG Electrodes

BESDATA electrodes are designed by our team with 10 years experience and tested thousands of times. Combined with ergonomics, unique surface to support our electrode brim more fit to the scalp. The outstanding connector is choosed from thousands materials, it promise the insertion and extraction from the EEG amplifier smoothly.  The cup and cable connection part by mould injection, which is not easy to lift up from scalp.  BESDATA Reusable EEG Electrodes also durable and easy for disinfection.

BESDATA Reusable EEG Electrodes

Besdata reusable EEG electrodes can be reuse when adequately cleaned and disinfected after every use. You can find broad models of this collection, including reusable gold cup electrodes, reusable pediatric cup electrodes, pure silver stamped cup electrodes, plastic gold cup EEG electrodes, etc. There are plenty of choices to choose from: wire length, wire colors, sensor material, sensor cup size and more.

Besdata reusable eeg electrodes
Besdata reusable eeg electrodes 2

Why you can trust BESDATA

Thicker coated layer.Low impedance and noise; constant and clear signal.

More durable.Medical grade Insulated TPU lead wire. Available in different lengths and colors.

safety DIN 42802 connector, compatible with all medical devices CE, ISO13485, FDA.

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What are The Different Types of Reusable EEG Electrodes?

What is The Benefit of Using Reusable EEG Electrodes?

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How to Guarantee Reusable EEG Electrodes Quality?

Besdata reusable eeg electrodes

Advanced Technology Reusable EEG Electrodes

Besdata reusable eeg electrodes video cover
Besdata reusable eeg electrodes video cover 2

1, Flexible anti-tangle lead wires

We choose the lightweight and top quality medical grade TPU wire. And the core is Silver Plated Copper with Kevlar tensile wire core. Based on different operation needs, you can choose different lengths: 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3 meters or customize your own length.

2, More than 10000times insertion and extraction testing.

Safety DIN 42802 touch proof connector is applicable for most medical devices. The connector pass more than 10000 times insertion testing.

3, Cups coating with thick heavy gold.

The gold coated cups with different coating thickness to meet different requirement.  From 10μm to 40μm, 80μm.

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BESDATA Reusable EEG Electrodes

EEG Electrodes

Are you looking for a reusable EEG electrode for your research studies or medical applications, BESDATA is your reliable source. We are providing the highest quality reusable EEG electrodes in the industry.

BESDATA reusable EEG electrodes got complete certifications with CE, FDA, and CFDA standards. It features a crystal clear signal, long-time ease of use, and extra durability. Available in various materials and accessories, such as Silver Plated (Ag), Gold Plated (Au). The cup size and height, as well as wire length, can be customized as per demand.

The BESDATA reusable EEG electrodes provide optimal comfort to the patient. With its low-profile disk, soft and flexible tangle-free lead wires, it shows utmost quality. BESDATA offers the best solution for reusable EEG electrodes.

Our reusable EEG electrodes are compatible with most EEG equipment, such as Grass, Cadwell, Embla, Natus, Nicolet, NicoletONE, Respironics, and many more. It is available in a variety of materials, models, lengths, colors, and lead wire.

The cups are available in two different sizes – 10mm and 6 mm. There is also an extensive color selection on the lead wire; you can choose from brown, tan, red, white, orange, violet, yellow, blue, and green.

BESDATA reusable EEG electrodes have unique and versatile touch-proof connectors. You can choose anti-tangled lead wires for added strength. Although reusable has a little bit of risk compared to disposable, you will get benefit from its:

  • stable, constand and high quality clear signal
  • Long time convenient for using
  • Watertight design enables long electrode life
  • Reduce lift risk due to the special ergonomic cup-cable connection design.
  • Optimal patient comfort
  • Optimized connector design

BESDATA reusable EEG electrodes key features are:

  • Low noise disk cup, soft and flexible , durable, strength  lead wires
  • Smoothly insertion and pull out from headbox
  • Lead-free, latex-free, and BPA-free materials
  • CE, FDA, and CFDA compliant electrodes
  • Wide flange ensures a low-impedance interface to a patient
  • Shockproof features, precise design
  • Durable finish standards

The Besdata reusable EEG electrodes serve over 1000 distributors around the world. We have distributors in the US, Germany, Brazil, and so on. Our distributor network provides after-sale service, like replacement.

At Besdata, we keep in mind the ever-changing market requirements; therefore, we updated and improved our reusable EEG electrode’s quality and design. We always provide medical accessories to match the performance needed by users.

Our expert team will design and develop reusable EEG electrodes keeping in mind the safest design. With more than ten years of experience in the field, we will provide you the best solution you needed.

If you are interested in our reusable EEG electrodes and services, you can send us an email or call us via our distributors.

Reusable EEG Electrodes: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know you would like to learn more about reusable EEG electrodes.

Or, you would like to buy reusable EEG electrodes.

A reason this guide explores everything you need to know about reusable EEG electrodes.

Keep reading to learn more.

1.  What Are Reusable EEG Electrodes?

Reusable EEG electrodes refer to electrodes that are small in size and able to be placed closer to the skin, especially in areas with a lot of hair.

They can be used with either caps or hairbands and tend to be relatively affordable in the long run as they can be used severally.

 Reusable EEG Electrodes

Reusable EEG electrodes

2.  What Are The Features Of Reusable EEG Electrodes?

Some of the features of reusable EEG electrodes include:

  • They have unique versatile touch-proof connectors.
  • Lightweight or tangle-free lead wires which include strands to ensure that they have additional strength.
  • Compatible with steam and EtO sterilization features.
  • Are available in 10 different lead wire colors namely red, brown, orange, green, yellow, violet, blue, tan, white, and gray.
  • Reusable EEG electrodes with a gold cup have a heavy 24K gold plate which is burnished to ensure smoothness.
  • Reusable EEG electrodes made from silver have their cups manufactured using pure silver and also burnished for smoothness.
  • Hole drilled in the stem which allows insertion of full lead wires to achieve a maximum electrical and mechanical bond.
  • They are double strain relived to ensure durability and to prevent invasion of fluid to maintain purity.
  • The conductor of lead wire in reusable EEG electrodes is compliant with non-kink 7 strands of silver-plated copper alloy to achieve maximum strength capability.
  • The insulation material of reusable EEG electrodes is made from Teflon which is highly flexible or extremely supple silicone that is tangle-free to prevent invasion of fluid.

3.  How Should Reusable EEG Electrodes Be Disinfected Or Cleaned?

When using reusable EEG electrodes, it is recommended to carry out a high level of disinfection before the next use to ensure that they are fit for purpose.

It is recommended to use the following protocol for ensuring that reusable EEG electrodes are disinfected or cleaned:


Reusable EEG electrodes need to be thoroughly cleaned after every single use before being disinfected.

The process of cleaning reusable EEG electrodes entails the following steps:

  • Ensure that you wipe the cup immediately after use using a soft cloth that is dipped in Lukewarm water of about 43 degrees Celsius.
  • Use a mild detergent to eliminate foreign objects on the reusable EEG electrodes including adhesives, gel, and electrode paste.
  • Where necessary, you may use a soft and clean brush to apply gentle friction to eliminate foreign materials.

Avoid imposing excessive pressure as this may break the cup from the connector cable or spring or even stretch the connector cables and break the internal wires thus damaging the electrodes.

  • Once you have wiped the reusable EEG electrodes, rinse them in lukewarm water to prevent coagulation and assist in the elimination of protein substances.
  • You should then carefully examine the reusable EEG electrode to ascertain that there is a complete elimination of contamination.


Once the reusable EEG electrode has been cleaned, it may be disinfected using 70% ethanol. You should dip the cup, ear clip, and cable of the reusable electrode briefly for about 5 to 15 minutes into ethanol.

You should then wipe it with a soft cloth dipped in the disinfection solution.

Always ensure that the touch-proof EEG connector is never immersed in the disinfectant to protect it from damage.


After cleaning and disinfecting the reusable EEG electrodes, you should dry them using a clean and clean cloth to eliminate any disinfection solution or water.


Reusable EEG electrodes are not designed in a way that they can sustain any sterilization and thus this sterilization should be avoided at all costs.

This is because it may damage the reusable EEG electrodes when imposed on them.


You should visually inspect the reusable EEG electrode to identify if there is deterioration or excess wear before each use.

In case the connector, cable, spring, or cup has discoloration, fracture, unnatural angle, or damaged wire insulation you should discard the reusable EEG electrode using the hospital procedure of disposing of medical waste.

4.  Can Manufacturers Supply Custom Made Reusable EEG Electrodes?

Yes, if you request to customize your reusable EEG electrodes, manufacturers may be able to custom make them suit your specifications.

This will also depend on the design of the reusable EEG electrodes you need, whether the manufacturer makes it in-house or any other regulatory considerations to be observed.

custom made reusable EEG Electrodes

custom made reusable EEG electrodes

5.  What Type Of Connectors Do Reusable EEG Electrodes Have?

Some of the types of connectors which reusable EEG electrodes have include:

  • Touch proof connectors: most of them fall under DIN 42802-1 standard
  • Plastic connectors
  • Recessed pin connectors
  • EEG connectors
  • EMG connectors

6.  What Is The Intended Use Of Reusable EEG Electrodes?

The intended use of reusable EEG electrodes entails:

  • They are intended for non-invasive use with DIN 42802 compatible monitoring and recording equipment in electromyography, electroencephalography, and evoked potential studies.
  • It is recommended that reusable EEG electrode preparation and application be carried out by a healthcare professional who is qualified.
  • Reusable EEG electrodes are intended to be used only on intact skin. Ensure that you do not use them in case you are suspecting any skin infection to avoid cross-contamination in patients.
  • Do not use reusable EEG electrodes in any kind of stimulation because it may damage the skin.

7.  How Should Reusable EEG Electrodes Be Stored And Transported?

Some of the tips for storing and transporting reusable EWEG electrodes include:

  • Ensure that you protect the reusable EEG electrode from damage during the transportation and storage process.
  • When not being used, ensure that the cables of the reusable EEG electrode are loosely coiled and stored at room temperature.
  • Avoid wrapping the cables of the reusable EEG electrode around the casing of the equipment to protect the internal wires from damage.
  • When transporting the reusable EEG electrodes outside their main area of use, ensure that you pack the plastic bags which are resealable to protect them from damage or contamination.

8.  What Are The Benefits Of Reusable EEG Electrodes?

Some of the benefits of reusable EEG electrodes include:

  • They have a signal which is clear and reliable.
  • Possess a short cup to cable connection which reduces the risk of lifting
  • Provide optimal comfort to the patient with their low-profile disk and flexible, soft, and anti-tangle lead wires.
  • Has an optimized design of the connector to ensure easy headbox extraction and insertion.
  • Reusable EEG electrodes are not easily damaged due to the water-tight design that ensures the wires are reinforced in place.
  • It has a long life span due to the reinforced lead wires and water-tight design.

9.  Which Are The Available Variants Of Reusable EEG Electrodes?

Some of the available variants of reusable EEG electrodes include:

Materials Cup Size Cup Height Wire Length
Silver Plated (Ag) 10 mm 3.1 mm 1 m
Silver Plated (Ag) 10 mm 3.1 mm 1.5 m
Silver Plated (Ag) 10 mm 3.1 mm 2.0 m
Silver Plated (Ag) 10 mm 3.1 mm 2.5 m
Silver Plated (Ag) 6 mm 1.7 mm 1 m
Silver Plated (Ag) 6 mm 1.7 mm 1.5 m
Silver Plated (Ag) 6 mm 1.7 mm 2 m
Gold Plated (Au) 10 mm 3.1 mm 1 m
Gold Plated (Au) 10 mm 3.1 mm 1.5 m
Gold Plated (Au) 10 mm 3.1 mm 2.0 m
Gold Plated (Au) 10 mm 3.1 mm 2.5 m
Gold Plated (Au) 6 mm 1.7 mm 1 m
Gold Plated (Au) 6 mm 1.7 mm 1.5 m
Gold Plated (Au) 6 mm 1.7 mm 2 m

10.  How Does Pressure Application In Reusable EEG Electrodes Affect EDA?

In case you are using reusable electrodes, it is important to avoid tightening them because you may occlude vessels.

Ensure that is set up just tight enough to obtain the results that you desire and hold the patient in place to prevent movement during the procedure.

11.  Can Reusable EEG Electrodes Be Used By More Than One Patient?

Reusable EEG electrodes are recommended for use on more than one patient once they have been well disinfected to prevent cross-contamination on patients.

They are also designed for reuse if the skin is properly taken care of as the risk of contamination tends to increase with each application.

12.  Which Materials Are Used To Make Reusable EEG Electrodes?

Some of the materials which are used to make reusable EEG electrodes include:

  • Tin
  • Silver
  • Gold

13.  How Do Reusable EEG Electrodes Compare To Disposable EEG Electrodes?

Reusable EEG electrodes compare to disposable EEG electrodes in the following ways:

Disposable EEG Electrodes

They are widely used because they can be easily and quickly applied.

They tend to be connected by being snapped onto a lead wire or cable which is then connected to a recording machine.

They are relatively affordable varieties and are usually shaped like a flexible disk that is gluey. They have a central snap manufactured from silver chloride and some of them have semiliquid gel around the snap area for efficient conduction of impulses to the machine leads.

disposable EEG Electrodes

disposable EEG electrodes

Their major downside is that they are very large, and this might reduce their ability to stick within regions that have a lot of hair.

Some disposable EEG electrodes tend to use salt water or saline instead of gel and they tend to be fixed using clipping or snapping to a cap or headband.

Reusable EEG Electrodes

Reusable EEG electrodes are not as large as disposable EEG electrodes thus this gives them the advantage of being able to be placed closer to the skin in areas with a lot of hair.

The discs or reusable EEG electrodes may be manufactured using gold, tin, and silver as they are all conduct data easily.

They can be used with either headbands or caps and they require careful cleaning after every use. Reusable EEG electrodes tend to be more costly as compared to disposable electrodes although the cost tends to even out over a given period.

reusable EEG Electrodes

reusable EEG Electrodes

14.  Does The Distance Between The Working Reusable Electrode And Other Electrodes Affect The Impedance Value In EEG Recording?

Yes, the distance between the working reusable electrode and other electrodes tends to affect the impedance value of EEG recording by a variance of between 5% to 20%.

It is important to note that factors such as sample size and immersion time also tend to affect these findings.

15.  Which Features Of Reusable EEG Electrodes Help In Improving Biopotential Recordings?

Some of the features of reusable EEG which help in improving biopotential recordings include:

  • Sintered to add electrode contact area.
  • Non-polarizable.
  • It does not need chloriding.
  • Reusable through resurfacing
  • Electrode gel cavity cuts down artifact due to motion of the reusable EEG electrode motion and this reduces electrolyte drying over long period recordings.
  • Has high stability recordings to DC especially when used alongside chloride salt gel electrolyte.

16.  What Are The Factors To Consider When Choosing Reusable EEG Electrodes?

Some of the factors to consider when choosing reusable EEG electrodes include:

  • Check any product reviews on google by using the search bar as this will give you a vivid description of all electrodes available thus giving you the ability to choose the most appropriate one.
  • Consider the wire specifications of the reusable EEG electrodes which you may want to use.
  • Ascertain the function that you would like reusable EEG electrodes which you need to be able to select the right product.
  • Consider the size of the reusable EEG electrodes that you need as they are available in varying sizes.

17.  How Long Do Reusable EEG Electrodes Last?

Reusable EEG electrodes tend to last between 1 to 3 years although some clients use them even up to 8 years.

It is important to note that there are factors that may contribute to reducing the lifetime of reusable EEG electrodes such as:

  • Use of hot and alkaline samples
  • Storage of the reusable EEG electrodes in unwanted conditions
  • Overpressure of the electrolyte
  • Attack of the reusable EEG electrodes by chemicals

18.  How Does Temperature Affect The PH Value Of The Sample When Using Reusable EEG Electrodes?

The pH value of a given sample tends to vary with temperature changes. It tends to be a chemical effect and is individually dependent on each sample type.

It is not possible to compensate for this influence as only the real value of pH and actual temperature are shown.

Therefore, it is only recommended to compare values of pH which are determined at the same temperature.

19.  What Are The Ways Of Compensating Temperature When Measuring The Conductivity Of Reusable EEG Electrodes?

Measuring conductivity tends to depend strongly on the temperature and tends to have about 2% variation per degree Celsius.

The results are only compared when the temperature of all samples is the same or if the value refers to a given reference temperature.

The most often method used is linear compensation and the operator has to choose either 20 degrees Celsius or 25 degrees Celsius as the temperature of reference.

The difference which is obtained between the reference temperature and the measured temperature is then multiplied using a compensation factor which is referred to as alpha or unit%/degrees Celsius.

The reading of the conductivity is then measured using the percentage found above.

It is important o determine the right temperature compensation and the linear compensation coefficient alpha for each sample when measuring the conductivity.

Using approximation, the dependence of temperature is taken using linear. For standard samples, the factor setting used is alpha is 2.00 degrees Celsius.

20.  How Long Should Solutions Used In Reusable EEG Electrodes Be Used Once The Bottle Has Been Opened?

Manufacturers tend to guarantee that solutions used in reusable EEG electrodes which have been opened will meet their specifications so long as it is stored in the right conditions.

They only offer tips on how to store the bottles to ensure that it remains very fresh and fit for use to give accurate results.

21.  Are Reusable EEG Electrodes Hypoallergenic?

Yes, reusable EEG electrodes are hypoallergic.

22.  Can Reusable EEG Electrodes Be Used In MRI Procedures?

There are no studies that support the use of reusable EEG electrodes in MRI procedures.

23.  Why Does 3M Reusable EEG Electrodes Not Produce Electrodes With An Offset Stud?

Some of the reasons why 3M reusable EEG electrodes do not produce electrodes with an offset stud include:

  • The offset stud was originally made in a way that prevents the wet gel element of the conduction element of the reusable EEG electrodes from being pressed under the skin adhesive when the press stud is attached.
  • This tended to result in increased artifacts and poor skin adhesion.
  • Later, it was found to be advantageous when the connector was a stud, the reusable EEG electrode was being positioned over a bony area, leading to a little discomfort.
  • However, the area which was hinged to the offset stud produces electrical noise if flexed and this could result in interference of the right recording.
  • In addition, the connector preferred is no longer a press stud but a squeeze clip.

This is because it tends to securely connect without imposing any downward pressure onto the patient.

This negates the marginal benefit and price of an offset tab connector.

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