BESDATA Plastic Golden Cup EEG Electrodes

BESDATA plastic golden cup EEG electrodes have copper substrates with golden plating. Our special design includes a cup shape with a plastic cover. BESDATA plastic gold-coated EEG electrodes can be used in EEG, EP, PSG, EOG, and long-term monitoring assessments.

Specifically, plastic-cover electrodes are recommended for measuring evoked potentials, PSG, and EEG long-term monitoring due to the signal precision, and special low noise and low impedance features.

BESDATA Plastic Gold-Plated EEG Electrodes Advantages

  • Copper substrate with golden plating.
  • Well-made plastic cup covers.
  • Low impedance, low noise.
  • Corrosion-proof surface.
  • Safe 1.5 mm DIN touch-proof connector.
  • Many cable colors and lengths are available.
  • Medical-grade TPU cable with Kevlar wire core.
Plastic Gold Cup EEG Electrodes
Product Name Plastic cover Gold coated EEG electrodes
Cup material gold plated
Cup diameter 10mm
Connector Type Din 1.5mm
Cable length 1.5m 2m 2.5m or customized
Cable material TPU
Cable color Red, White, Green, Black, Grey, Brown, Blue, Purple, Orange, Yellow
Order Number Cable Length
E031010P 1.0m
E031015P 1.5m
E031020P 2.0m
E031025P 2.5m
E031030P 3.0m

Durable Cable Lifetime Serving for 5000 Insertions

BESDATA plastic gold cup EEG electrodes use 1.5mm DIN connector (DIN42802) with a top-notch quality spring inside. The lead wire with a Kevlar wire core and a tensile wire, which offer great elasticity and are bend-resistant. Our medical-grade TPU material passed all biocompatibility regulations.

Plastic Gold Cup EEG Electrodes
Plastic Gold Cup EEG Electrodes

Low Noise, Low Impedance

BESDATA plastic gold-coated cup EEG electrodes offer a low noise, low impedance signal quality. Due to its heavy-coated gold EEG cups and a high-quality lead wire, the signal is transferred at its best. Our specially designed cups facilitate correct placement on the scalp: the cup neck includes a plastic mold connected with a cable, allowing for secure fitting onto the scalp.

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