BESDATA Neurofeedback Cap

We specialize in developing high-technology and high precise neurofeedback caps for our valued customers.

BESDATA Neurofeedback Cap - Specialist for Neurofeedback, Neurosimulation, Biofeedback

BESDATA neurofeedback cap is your best choice if you’re in neurofeedback area.  All our sensor material made by sintered Silver Silver Chloride, which offers you ultimate signal quality. While the BESDATA team has more than 10 years experience in this area,  we know all your daily practice well and we can comprehensively support you with all our products you want.

BESDATA Neurofeedback Cap

BESDATA neurofeedback cap is a new cap embedded with top quality sintered silver silver chloride electrodes.  BESDATA neurofeedback cap no need gel, no need paste, you can get low impedances easily, quicker to use, much more comfortable for your patient.



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Why You Can Trust BESDATA

  • 1000+ professional distributors globally
  • Registered in Germany, the US, Mexico, Brazil, etc.
  • 20 channel as standard neurofeedback cap, with custom channels to order
  • Easy to use, Easy to wash
  • 10+ years of neurofeedback cap manufacturing experience
  • FDA/CE/CFDA neurofeedback cap certificated supplier
  • BESDATA has passed the ISO13485 quality system,
  • Accept OEM and ODM solutions for neurofeedback cap
  • Create ergonomic design, durable, cost-effective neurofeedback cap

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Advanced Technology Neurofeedback Cap

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BESDATA Neurofeedback Cap

The BESDATA Neurofeedback Cap is used in therapeutic intervention with real-time feedback on brainwave activity. It includes small discs Ag-AgCl sintered electrodes embeded into a plastic holder together with a sponge material then attach to the scalp with wires. It is placed in the scalp to ensure the proper placement of the sensors. BESDATA Neurofeedback Cap is made from high-quality EEG electrode materials sintered Ag/AgCl electrodes which is the best material for eeg signal transfer.

BESDATA is a professional Neurofeedback Cap supplier that provides signal quality and compatibility products. With us, you can experience a world-class neurofeedback experience. Message us today!

Why Besdata Neurofeedback Cap Are Trusted by 1000+ Clients

BESDATA Neurofeedback Cap

If you are searching for an outstanding and high signal neurofeedback cap, BESDATA is the right partner for you. In China, we are recognized as one of the famous and trusted manufacturers of all types of neurofeedback caps. OEM and ODM for this product are accessible here according to your specifications and other details.

BESDATA is an ISO-certified supplier. For more than 10 years, we continuously offer the best neurology product. We always guarantee a high-quality neurofeedback cap with long service life. Since our inception, we dedicate ourselves to manufacture a durable neurofeedback cap and other related products.

BESDATA focused in the EEG precise signal transfer solutions and aim to develop together with the growing demand of wearable sensing technology. The EEG electrodes needs to convert the signal from the ion signal at the scalp end to an electronic signal that the EEG device can read. Our BESDATA neurofeedback cap ensures fast, comfortable, and precise EEG signal measurement and transfer for this signal convertion.

BESDATA Neurofeedback Caps Features:

  • Position could be replacement according to your neurofeedback required position.
  • Position printed in the sensor rubber circle.
  • Available from single channel to multiple channel
  • Compatible with different EEG device through adapter cable
  • All sensor made from sintered AgCl electrodes which is approved to get down the resistance in short to 2 minutes.
  • Electrodes could be repaired or replacement if wire or electrodes broke.

BESDATA neurofeedback cap is available in 7 different colors like blue, red, black, etc. No matter you need single channel or multiple channel neurofeedback caps, BESDATA would like to customize your designed neurofeedback caps according to your neurofeedback method and way.

For more than 10 years, BESDATA provides the highest signal quality neurofeedback caps. We are always trying to exploring more types of neurofeedback caps and sensors and using them in more wearing technology commercial field.

We work with an expert R&D team, professional team, and engineering with complete capabilities to create the best product for you. We aim to provide the most effective neurofeedback caps at a very cost-effective price.

Aside from BESDATA neurofeedback caps, we also supply high-quality disposable EEG caps, 32 electrode EEG caps, 64 electrode EEG caps, and many other. BESDATA is your one-stop neurology components provider in China.

If you have questions about high-fidelity neurofeedback caps or would like to place an order, please get in touch with us. We have an active and cooperative sales service team willing to support your business.

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