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BESDATA Neonatal Video Laryngoscope - Best Solution for Smallest Difficult Airways

BESDATA neonatal video laryngoscope blades are based on the traditional Miller and MAC designs, It combines the advantage of traditional blades and CMOS chip-on-tip technology.  BESDATA  neonatal video laryngoscope with a high resolution camera on tip, which allows the best visualization of the small neonatal airway, It increases the intubation successful rate.

BESDATA Neonatal Video Laryngoscope

BESDATA Neonatal Video Laryngoscope is a high-quality device that allows video laryngoscopy for airway intubation on the smallest patients. It is available in multiple blades option of different types & sizes according to traditional Miller & MAC design.

BESDATA is your reputable neonatal video laryngoscope manufacturer that can support your needs and requirements. We offer it high-quality and cost-effective. Let BESDATA hear from you. Message us immediately for your next neonatal video laryngoscope orders!

BD-DF Neonatal Video Laryngoscope blade

Why You Can Trust BESDATA

  • Whole Disposable Blades avoid cross infection for delivery room and NICU
  • Every Unit followISO13485 quality system manufacturing process
  • FDA/CE/CFDA authenticated supplier for more than 10 years
  • Anti-fog blade and waterproof camera
  • Ergonomic design products, easy to operate, cost-effective, suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Outstanding image quality can be utilized for learning, teaching and training
  • Accept neonatal video laryngoscope ODM solutions and for other airway management full solutions
  • Quick delivery, small orders, and large orders are welcome
  • 24/7 online assistance to skyrocket your project

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Neonatal Video Laryngoscope

Advanced Technology Neonatal Video Laryngoscope

Neonatal Video Laryngoscope video cover 3
Neonatal Video Laryngoscope video cover 4

Besdata neonatal video larygoscope could be an advantage training tool for non-experienced clinicians, It helps improving the tracheal intubation skill.

Besdata neonatal video laryngoscope could both connect with portable monitor BD-M3 and seperate big monitor BD-M7,  which allows multiple clinicians to abserve the real intubation process in the same time, It is an effective tool for stimulation and educaiton.

We encourage you to contact us for more details about BESDATA neonatal video laryngoscope.

Why Besdata Neonatal Video Laryngoscope Are Trusted by 1000+ Clients

BESDATA Neonatal Video Laryngoscope


airway cart management ecosystem

You can intubation the neonate/infant less than 1KGS. You can reply on BESDATA neonatal video laryngoscope from Delivery  The intubation process could be recorded and output by USB connection to computer.

If you’re planning to skyrocket your neonatal video laryngoscope business, settle with BESDATA. We are a reputable provider of neonatal video laryngoscopes worldwide. All products we supply are compliant with CFDA, CE, ISO 13485, US FDA certifications.

All types and models are available at a very affordable price. We produced reusable blade neonatal video laryngoscope, disposable blade size neonatal video laryngoscope, portable neonatal video laryngoscope, flexible neonatal video laryngoscope, and many others.

Here at BESDATA, a custom neonatal video laryngoscope is available. You can choose the size, types, and material options for your neonatal video laryngoscope production. There are various sizes of disposable blades, and reusable blades can be chosen by customers to best suit your needs. We can also put your brand name or logo to the product to boom your company.

BESDATA neonatal video laryngoscope is a life-saving tool for a newborn child. The newborn child’s oral cavity structure is clearly displayed on the high-resolution monitor using a neonatal video laryngoscope. The image and video can be easily recorded and collected. This device guides intubation faster, more accurately, and gentler.

Our range of BESDATA neonatal video laryngoscopes is designed as portable, economical, durable, high-definition video laryngoscopes fit for a disposable and reusable blade. It allows clinicians to intubate newborn child patients successfully. It also has a unique anti-fog capability and a portable ergonomic design.

BESDATA Neonatal Video Laryngoscope Advantages:

  • Lightweight neonatal video laryngoscope
  • The ergonomic design weighs less than one pound.
  • Available with disposable and reusable blades
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications Emergency, Ambulance, ICU, Cardiology
  • Unique anti-fog function
  • 0 Megapixel lens, achieve high-quality visualization
  • Video display rotates 180 degrees, as well as up and down

In manufacturing neonatal video laryngoscopes, we choose and use the highest quality materials like stainless steel, plastic materials, and more. We perform rigorous testing and inspection of every product before delivered to you. As an ISO 13485 certified company, we strictly follow control for the quality of products and provide customers with high-quality and safe neonatal video laryngoscopes. In our facility, we are using our latest technology equipment for fabrication to achieve customer specifications.

Besides neonatal video laryngoscopes, we also offer a wide range of other airway management products like d blade video laryngoscopes, flexible video laryngoscopes, plastic laryngoscopes, video laryngoscope blade, and more. BESDATA is your one-stop solution for any airway management product in China.

If you want to have a neonatal video laryngoscope for clinical purposes or training and teaching, BESDATA is your best supplier and fabricator. Improve the success of tracheal intubation and an optical view of the laryngeal structure using BESDATA neonatal video laryngoscope. Please, don’t hesitate to message us if you have questions or have inquiries about our neonatal video laryngoscope product.

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