BESDATA High-Density EEG Caps for Researchers

BESDATA high-density EEG caps for researchers are available in 32 channels, 64 channels, and 128 channels in any customized position. The caps are made from highly elastic spandex fabric with sintered AgCl electrodes.

Electrodes are positioned according to the international 10-20 electrode system. This helps you reduce the preparation time and make sure the electrodes are placed in precise positions. Start off your amazing research project with our BESDATA EEG caps.

BESDATA High-Density EEG Caps for Researchers Advantages

  • Sintered AgCl electrodes ensure precise signal transfer for advanced research.
  • Standard 10-20 position system with custom options.
  • 32 channels and 64 channels as your standard options, and 128 channels as your special option.
  • Well-fitted elastic cap.
  • 7 different cap sizes ranging from neonate to adult.
High Density EEG Caps for Researchers video cover
Order Number Channel Size Sensor Material
N01032001 32 S Sintered AgCl
N01032002 32 M Sintered AgCl
N01032003 32 L Sintered AgCl
N01064001 64 S Sintered AgCl
N01064002 64 M Sintered AgCl
N01064003 64 L Sintered AgCl
N01128001 128 S Sintered AgCl
N01128002 128 M Sintered AgCl
N01128003 128 L Sintered AgCl
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