BESDATA Gold Cup Electrodes

BESDATA Gold Cup Electrodes come as heavy gold coated on copper.

BESDATA gold cup electrodes is great using for EEG, EMG, EP, LTM, IONM, and PSG examinations.



BESDATA Gold Cup Electrodes -Always Better Solutions

For your gold cup electrodes searching in China, BESDATA is your right solution. We are a leading gold cup electrodes manufacturer and supplier that can satisfy your various needs and requirements. We produce high-precise disposable gold cup electrodes, reusable gold cup electrodes, reusable pediatric cup electrodes, plastic gold cup EEG electrodes, and more. Using mature technology and advanced production equipment, we can ergonomically design gold cup electrodes for patients or clinical applications.

BESDATA Gold Cup Electrodes

BESDATA Gold Cup Electrodes is compatible with various EEG and PSG systems. It has multiple cable lengths you can choose from. This product has many features such as excellent recording quality, ultra-low noise, highly flexible wire for easy application, cleaning and disinfection, and bend protection to ensure durability.

For over ten years, we have been serving over 1000 professional distributors globally. As of now, we are registered in Germany, the US, Mexico, Brazil, etc. Whether you’re a supplier, distributor, hospital, etc., you are welcome here. We aim to be your reliable gold cup electrodes supplier in China.

besdata gold cup electrodes
besdata gold cup electrodes

Why You Can Trust BESDATA

  • ISO13485- certified manufacturing company
  • Excellent R&D team, designer, and skilled employees
  • High-quality, high-precise, and high-performance products
  • 10+ manufacturing gold cup electrodes and other medical components
  • Mature technology and innovative production line
  • Support ODM solutions for gold cup electrodes
  • Operate 7 brand offices overseas
  • Attend more than 8 professional medical fairs (FIME, MEDICA, CMEF, ARAB Health) and anesthesia conferences (ASA, ESA… )

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besdata gold cup electrodes

Advanced Technology Gold Cup Electrodes

besdata gold cup electrodes
besdata gold cup electrodes video cover

BESDATA Gold Cup Electrodes

Our range of BESDATA gold cup electrodes has a unique shape that enables easy electrodes on the scalp (EEG) or the patient’s face (EOG). It is equipped with a special low-noise cable, available in various lengths. BESDATA gold cup electrodes contribute a constant and dependable signal during ECG, EOG, EEG, PSG, EMG, and video EEG long-term monitoring (LTM).

BESDATA is a professional gold cup electrodes manufacturer and supplier for more than ten years. We specialize in this area and can fulfill your various medical needs and requirements. BESDATA accepts ODM solutions and other airway management complete solutions. Contact us right now!

Why Besdata Gold Cup Electrodes Are Trusted by 1000+ Clients

BESDATA Gold Cup Electrodes

For your gold cup electrodes needs, BESDATA got you covered! We are a leading gold cup electrodes provider for 10+ years. We supply many countries with our valuable, effective, and cost-efficient products.

As a professional manufacturer, BESDATA provides a full line of advanced quality products for life science researchers & educators, and clinical purposes including gold cup electrodes. All BESDATA gold cup electrode products are manufactured n compliance with ISO standards. Explore our comprehensive gold cup electrode product lines that can boom your brand.

Here at BESDATA, you can find high-precise disposable gold cup electrodes, reusable gold cup electrodes, reusable pediatric cup electrodes, plastic gold cup EEG electrodes, etc. Plus, we offer gold cup electrode full customization to meet your expectations and applications.

We produced a BESDATA gold cup electrode which enables easy placement on the patient’s face (EOG) and electrodes on the scalp (EEG). This product offers constant and reliable signals during Video-EEG-Long-Term-Monitoring (LTM), ECG, EOG, EEG, PSG, and EMG.

We assure you that all your gold cup electrodes orders are design and created professionally. We are devoted to providing you the suitable gold cup electrodes at affordable prices for your applications.

BESDATA Gold Cup Electrodes Properties:

  • Excellent recording quality BESDATA gold cup electrode
  • High-precise electrical signal transfer solution
  • Compatible with all medical devices with 1.5 mm input socket
  • Highly flexible wire for easy cleaning and application
  • Color-coded lead wires for easy handling (10 colors)
  • 5 mm female DIN42802 connector
  • Available in various cable lengths
  • Bend protection to ensure durability
  • Equipped with a special low-noise cable
  • Can use it with the most popular gels, pastes, and adhesives
  • Compatible with multiple EEG and PSG systems
  • 10 mm diameter, ten electrodes per package

BESDATA gold cup electrodes are manufacture with the most innovative and cutting-edge manufacturing line and technology. For many years in this industry, we master ourselves to improve everything in manufacturing gold cup electrodes. We guarantee that our customers can rely on us for high-quality gold cup electrodes, best before and after-sales services, prompt response, and quick delivery.

BESDATA is an ISO 9001 certified company specializing in visual solutions in airway management and precise electrical signal transfer solution in neurology.   We perform strict quality controls, quality, and inspection in every manufacturing process to guarantee excellent products. In most cases, we can support ODM customers’ demands by optimizing designs to meet various needs.

Our range of BESDATA gold cup electrodes is offered at a very competitive cost. Our extensive knowledge and rich experience allow us to provide a comprehensive range of gold cup electrodes that vary in length, color, size, features, and other specifications.

BESDATA is looking forward to being your following gold cup electrodes manufacturer and supplier in China. For more than ten years, we dedicate ourselves to be the best partner in this industry.

Moreover, aside from gold cup electrodes, BESDATA electrodes are made of various electrode materials such as pure silver, silver/ silver chloride, and sintered silver chloride to exceed different demands. In short, BESDATA is your one-stop solution for any electrode requirements in China.

If you need more information about gold cup electrodes, feel free to contact us. We are pleased to serve our valued customers worldwide.

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