RL-S1 USB Video Rhinolaryngoscope

BESDATA EN-RHU USB video rhinolaryngoscope includes the newest CMOS and LED technology to provide the highest image resolution for otolaryngologists. You can connect the BESDATA video rhinolaryngoscope to any PC or laptop through a USB port.

Advantages of RL-S1 USB Video Rhinolaryngoscope

  • Video chip-on-tip technology.
  • USB port for direct connection to a PC or a laptop; compatible with all kinds of image processing software.
  • 180°/130° bending angle (up/down).
  • Multi-functional buttons: white balance, image brightness, freeze frame, and more.
  • Slim insertion rhinolaryngoscope tube measuring 3.8mm for adults and 2.9mm for pediatric patients.
  • CMOS image sensor and LED technology deliver a high-quality image.
  • No fiber for durable and easy maintenance.
EN-RHU USB Video Rhinolaryngoscope
Model Distal End Diameter Rotation(up/down) View Angle Working Length
EN-RHU 3.8mm U180°/D130° 120° 300mm

RL-S1 USB Video Rhinolaryngoscope Application

You can use our BESDATA EN-RHU USB video rhinolaryngoscope in medical examinations and diagnoses of the ears, nose, and throat (ENT). You can do ENT examination anywhere by connecting our rhinolaryngoscope to a PC, MAC, or a laptop via a USB.

CMOS + LED Technology

CMOS image sensor delivers a high-quality image. Our chip-on-tip camera technology allows for optimized image quality, good size, and affordable pricing.

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