EN-RHP Portable Video Rhinolaryngoscope

EN-RHP portable video rhinolaryngoscope combines the newest CMOS and LED technology to offer a high image resolution for ear, nose, and throat assessment. BESDATA flexible portable Rhinolaryngoscope is currently one of the most commonly used device for visualizing the nasal cavity, the pharynx and the larynx. The EN-RHP can be widely used for the following: polypectomy of nasal and vocal core, accurate dosing, adenoids removal, examination of any bleeding points, and more.

Advantages of EN-RHP Portable Video Rhinolaryngoscope

  • Video chip-on-tip technology.
  • Portable for daily use in the outpatient department.
  • 130°/130° bending angle (up/down).
  • Integrated white cold LED light source.
  • Photo and video recording.
  • Ultra-slim insertion tubes: 3.9 mm rhinolaryngoscope for adults and 2.9 mm rhinolaryngoscope for children.
  • Flexible portable video rhinolaryngoscopes can be up to 300 mm in length and include an air exhaust valve.
EN-RHP Portable Video Rhinolaryngoscope
Order Number Distal End Diameter(mm) Rotation(up/down) View Angle Working Length Depth of Field (mm)
EN-RHP2 2.9 U130°/D130° 120° 300mm 3-50
EN-RHP3 3.9 U130°/D130° 120° 300mm 3-50
EN-RHP4 4.9 U130°/D130° 120° 300mm 3-50

EN-RHP Portable Video Rhinolaryngoscope Application

BESDATA EN-RHP portable video rhinolaryngoscope is your ideal tool for otolaryngologists and allergists. It is suitable for the outpatient department, emergency room, and medical ward. It is also perfect for connecting to external large-sized screens for training and educational purposes.

EN-RHP Portable Video Rhinolaryngoscope
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