EN-OTU USB Video Otoscope

BESDATA EN-OTU USB video otoscope design is based on the traditional otoscope. It can be used to examine the eardrum, the nasal cavity, and the throat with different camera probes.

The BESDATA EN-OTU USB video otoscope is suitable for ENT routine examination, OPD, emergency room, and operation room use.

Advantages of EN-OTU USB Video Otoscope

  • Photo and video capture.
  • High-resolution image of 1024*720 pixels.
  • USB connector for any computer.
  • Helps avoid the high cost of the traditional ENT examination equipment, such as a light source, a CCD, a monitor, and others.
  • Easy cerumen management.
  • Removable SD card to store many images and videos, connect to a computer, and print patient records.
BESDATA EN-OTU USB Video Otoscope Video Cover

Clinical use of the BESDATA USB video otoscope

You can use the BESDATA USB video otoscope to check the external auditory canal (EAC), the tympanic membrane (TM), and the middle ear. Our EN-OTU otoscope can help you easily visualize the ear canal for accurate diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of complications, such as:

Cerumen Impaction

Acute Otitis Media (AOM)

Otitis Media with Effusion (OME)

Otitis Externa (OE) and Malignant Otitis Externa (MOE)

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