BD-VOT-01 Handheld Portable Video Otoscope


BD-VOT-01 Portable digital video otoscope is designed based on the latest CMOS technology and combined with cold white LED lights. The result is an ergonomic device with great functionality.  You can easily observe the external ear canal and the tympanic membrane of your patients on a big LCD screen.

You can use the BESDATA otoscope in ear, nose, and throat (ENT) examinations, otoscopy, audiology precise examination, and diagnosis.

Advantages of BD-VOT-01 Handheld Portable Video Otoscope

  • Photo/video recording.
  • High-resolution image with 1024*720 pixels.
  • Lightweight, compact, and ergonomic design.
  • Efficient and cost-effective otoscopic examinations.
  • Ideal tool for cerumen management.
BESDATA EN-OTP Handheld Portable Video Otoscope
Scope Order Number Length of Scope (mm) Working Length(mm) Max OD(mm) Field of View Direction of View (DOV)
308019 45 30 4.2 120°
308020 110 80 4.2 120°
308021 190 165 4.2 120°
308022 200 175 7 120°
308044 200 175 5.5 120° 70°
308045 200 175 6 120° 90°
308041 200 175 4.2 120°
308043 190 165 3.6 120°


BD-VOT-01 Handheld Portable Video Otoscope Clinical Usage

You can use our innovative BESDATA EN-OTP video otoscope to check the external auditory canal (EAC), tympanic membrane (TM) and the middle ear. With it, you can easily visualize the ear canal for accurate examination and diagnoses, as well as plan further treatment and prevent complications.  Most common uses of a video otoscope are for clinical examination, patient communication and education, telemedicine, keeping patient records, and documenting changes over time.

EN-OTP Handheld Portable Video Otoscope
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