EN-BRD Portable Disposable Bronchoscope

BESDATA EN-BRD portable flexible bronchoscope is your premier choice for airway inspection, airway secretion suction, bronchial biopsy, and airway lesion diagnosis. BESDATA flexible bronchoscope is presently the golden standard for lung disease diagnosis and therapy. The EN-BRD includes 3 models which offer a variety of bronchoscopy therapy solutions. You can use it in pneumology, anesthesiology, emergency, and the ICU.

Advantages of EN-BRD Portable Flexible Bronchoscope

  • Video chip-on-tip technology.
  • CMOS + LED technology delivers a high-quality image.
  • Up 180° and down 130° bending angle.
  • Multi-function buttons to regulate white balance, the brightness of image, freeze-frame, etc.
  • The distal tip rotation can be transferred 1:1 from handle operation for intuitive use.
  • Durable, easy to maintain, and cost-effective.
  • USD/HDMI output with a wide view for a big screen.
EN-BRD Portable Disposable Bronchoscope Video Cover
Order Number Distal End Diameter(mm) Working Channel(mm) Rotation(up/down) View Angle Working Length
BR-D2 3.1 1.2 U180°/D130° 120° 600mm
BR-D3 5.0 2.2 U180°/D130° 120° 600mm
BR-D4 5.8 2.8 U180°/D130° 120° 600mm

Electronic Signal Transmission

The electronic signal transmission makes the BESDATA flexible bronchoscope more resistant to drops and physical impact. Without the problem of the high cost and fragility of the fiberscope, the EN-BRD becomes easy and safe for training, as well as convenient to repair.

EN-BRD Portable Disposable Bronchoscope Detail
EN-BRD Portable Disposable Bronchoscope Detail

New CMOS Camera Integrated with the Cold Light Illuminator

With a high-resolution CMOS camera sensor integrated with a cold light illuminator, the BESDATA flexible bronchoscope delivers a high-resolution image quality. It can also be used for a wide range of procedures, including routine and difficult airway intubation, secretion suction, BAL & TBB, TBNA, single-lung ventilation, etc. The cold light illuminator helps colour-correct the image for greater quality.

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