BESDATA  Emergency Tracheal intubation EMS video laryngoscope

Your first choice for Emergency intubation, higher first-attempt success rate.

BESDATA EMS Video Laryngoscope -Your 1st Choice for Preshospital Intubation

Recent years, More and More pre-hospital  airway intubation problem was reported. Airway management can be said to be one of the most important skills that emergency doctors need to master. Because if cannot ensure timely ventilation, it may quickly lead to death or disability of the patients. BESDATA EMS Video laryngoscope can assist you with the difficult airway easier to see under emergency situations.

BESDATA EMS Video Laryngoscope

BESDATA develop the EMS video laryngoscope at competitive rates that can meet your requirements. It assist you with improved airway visualization,  It reduce the risk of airway intubation in emergency airway management.

So if you’re looking for the high resolution and robost EMS video laryngoscope, you can trust and depend on BESDATA.

Besdata Handheld video laryngoscope
Besdata Handheld video laryngoscope

Why You Can Trust BESDATA

  • Is a certified FDA/CE/CFDA EMS video laryngoscope supplier and manufacturer
  • Accept ODM services for your orders to support your business
  • An excellent quality product that passes the ISO 13485 international quality system
  • Serving for 1000+ elite global distributors
  • Local  after-sales warranty 
  • Guarantees for fastest delivery action
  • 24/7 support online access for immediate services

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Besdata Handheld video laryngoscope

BESDATA EMS Video Laryngoscope Advanced Technology

Besdata Handheld video laryngoscope video cover (2)

BESDATA EMS Video Laryngoscope


  1. Portable, easy to carry

BESDATA EMS video laryngoscope is portable design, integrated screen and handle, 2hours battery working time. No matter you intubate in Emergency Room, or even in ambulance, BESDATA video laryngoscope helps you in quick movement.

  1. Easy to learn /use

BESDATA EMS video laryngoscope with similar technology as traditional laryngoscopy on the macintosh blades. Doctors would be familiar to use it as they use traditional laryngoscopy always, and less training needed. Meanwhile, doctors spend less time placing endotracheal tube.

  1. Video assistance make higher success rate

Compared with direct laryngoscopy, BESDATA EMS video laryngoscope with extra visualization function, which gives doctor indirect view, more curved blades tip gives a more wider view. With the video assistance for the procedure the success rates have increased.

  1. Emergency Intubation in Covid-19

Disposable laryngscope blades effectively reduce cross infection. BESDATA disposable laryngoscope blade is your economical choice.

Video laryngoscope makes medical staff more safer, keep medical staff away from the patient’s mouth compared with direct laryngoscopy.


Why Besdata Handheld Video Laryngoscopes Are Trusted by 1000+ Clients

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