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BESDATA EEG Sensor -Get a low resistance in a short time!

BESDATA is the most professional EEG sensor supplier with more than 10 years experience. The BESDATA EEG sensor are wet wired electrodes, The main material including gold coated, Silver, AgCl coated, AgCl sintered. BESDATA EEG sensor always provides precise EEG Signal, Low offset voltage, low noise and low resistance.  They are widely used in clinical applications, sleeping monitoring, the diagnosis of epilepsy, stroke diagnosis etc.



If you’re looking for a supplier to solver your connection problem between computer and brain, BESDATA EEG sensor will be your best choice. BESDATA could build the sensors in various type, for example built-in EEG headsets, spike EEG electrodes, EEG Caps, Disposable foam etc. BESDATA EEG sensor aim to help you develop your own solutions with patented design and excellence EEG signal performance.

Besdata eeg sensor
Besdata eeg sensor

BESDATA EEG Sensor Material

BESDATA EEG Sensor offers different material solutions for your project . The main material including Pure silver, Silver Silver Chloride, Sintered AgCl, AgCl coated, gold coated, AgCl ink printing.  All BESDATA EEG Sensor material pass biocompability testing, you can use it to get medical certificate.

Why You Can Trust BESDATA

  • 10 years of EEG sensor manufacturing experience
  • All EEG sensor conforms to FDA, CE, and CFDA standards
  • Passed ISO13485 quality system
  • All material conforms to medical grade could pass biocompability testing.
  • Provide ODM support for EEG sensor
  • Could help your EEG project with professional supply chain solutions as your china basement.
Besdata eeg sensor
Besdata eeg sensor

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Advanced Technology EEG Sensor

Besdata eeg sensor
Besdata eeg sensor

BESDATA EEG sensors are intended use from life science education and research to medical applications. We explicitly design sensors with classic and localized EEG measurement applications. We can design your EEG sensors in wires, caps or headsets shape.

The BESDATA EEG sensor breaks the boundaries of body and mind monitoring and analysis. It is attached to the scalp to pick up the electrical signals produced when brain cells send messages to each other. You can find ready-to-use, medical-grade raw data output, pre-conditioned analog output EEG sensor products.

Why Besdata EEG Sensor Are Trusted by 1000+ Clients



EEG Sensor


BESDATA is one of the professional EEG sensor manufacturers in China. We got the complete certification with leading industry standards such as FDA, CE, and CFDA. Plus, our system passed the ISO 13485 quality standards; therefore, you can ensure your EEG sensor reliability.

Whether you are looking for advanced technology for life science education, research studies application, EEG Diagnosis, neurology or any related use, you can always trust BESDATA.

The BESDATA EEG sensor is available in all EEG electrodes models. You can find a wide variety of this technology ideal for medical applications or even a specific task—each of the sensors is available in its various technical specifications, battery life, and applications.

At BESDATA, you will get the compact solution for brain-computer interface systems. The following are the main features of BESTADA EEG Sensor:

  • High signal-to-noise ratio
  • Medical-grade raw material
  • Always comfortable for patients
  • Single-channel bipolar sensor
  • Ready-to-use miniaturized form-factor

This sensor enables localized EEG monitoring, non-invasive and unobtrusive.

Besdata EEG sensors are present in most countries around the world. We have over 1000 distributors worldwide, including Germany, Mexico, the US, Brazil, etc.

In addition, Besdata welcomes ODM support for your EEG sensor solution. Our presence in more than eight professional medical fairs such as ARAB Health, FIME, MEDICA, and CMEF. As well as, the anesthesia conference worldwide enables us to establish workshops and training courses for our local distributors.

With over ten years of experience in the field, our design and development will ensure the safest procedure for EEG sensors. We also offer after-sales warranty like new replacements. There’s no need to wait for international delivery.

BESDATA EEG sensor is your best technology for brain activity measurement. We can deliver 5000pcs within one week; our team will urgently dispatch quick and immediate orders.

We, at Besdata, can also do your label for the EEG sensor. We can provide customized service according to your project requirements.

If you are interested in our EEG sensor, please feel free to contact us today!

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