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BESDATA EEG Electrodes Your Most Reliable EEG Electrodes Solutions Partner

BESDATA is a reliable and 10 years experienced company that specializes in design and manufacture various material of EEG Electrodes, EEG Caps, EEG Gel and Paste.  BESDATA is an FDA, CE, and CFDA approved EEG electrodes supplier in China that passed ISO13485. BESDATA EEG electrodes have various selections. BESDATA Provides disposable, reusable EEG Electrodes.  Type of cup including stamped, casted and more.  You can also contact us for your OEM/ODM requirement.

BESDATA EEG Electrodes Advantage:

1, Cups material: Pure Silver, Gold coated 10μm, Sintered AgCl.

Could get down the resistance in a short time, also the DC offset very stable, No potential drift.

2, Cable material: Medical grade TPU cover, Copper coated Silver wire core with Kevlar tensile wire.

3, Connector: 10000times insertion testing. Pure copper with gold coated. Could insert tightly and smoothly with most EEG device.

Besdata EEG Electrodes
Besdata EEG Electrodes

Why You Can Trust BESDATA

  • Certified EEG Electrodes Supplier and Manufacturer in China
  • The most choice of different design electrodes shape and material
  • Offer OEM Services and all in onesolutions
  • Strict Quality Controlconform to ISO13485 for your security and product quality
  • Fast, Quick, and Smoother Deliveries
  • Well Arranged Documents and secured terms of payments

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What is the difference between stamped and casted EEG Electrodes?

Besdata EEG Electrodes

Advanced Technology Video Laryngoscope

Besdata EEG Electrodes
Besdata EEG Electrodes

BESDATA EEG Electrodes

BESDATA EEG Electrodes is trusted for any medical purposes that pass a lot of audits and receive many international certifications and high standards. Accessible in various materials and selections like silver and gold plated EEG electrodes.

BESDATA EEG Electrodes could offer complete solutions that help you grow your business and save your money and effort.

Why Besdata EEG Electrodes Are Trusted by 1000+ Clients

BESDATA EEG Electrodes


EEG Electrodes

Are you looking for the perfect EEG electrodes producer and custom manufacturer to fulfill your business special request? Well, BESDATA is your perfect choice. We manufacture and produce all types of EEG electrodes and other selections to help you provide all your medical needs.

BESDATA EEG electrodes are a method that is able to record all brain activity by electric activation. The measurement of EEG electrodes is the summation of post-synaptic neurons within 1- 6 cm2 of the cortex.

BESDATA EEG electrodes are high temporal resolution compare with fMRI and PET techniques. It studies various brain activities such as evoked potentials that occur after the stimulus.

BESDATA EEG electrodes have various types you can consider when choosing the right one. There are passive, active, sponge, and dry EEG electrodes. Each type of EEG electrode is made of different materials and styles like silver/silver chloride, available in BrainCap, BrainCap MR, Live Cap, and more options.

BrainCap EEG passive electrodes are manufacture with silver chloride. It applies to the scalp that uses conductive gel with light abrasion. Accessible at your desired types and quantity ready to ship for your urgent needs. It has various LED colors you can choose from.

There Are Many EEG Electrodes Advantages:

  • Functionally fast and affordable price offer
  • Quality check all functioning of different brain areas
  • Suitable and high precision time measurements
  • Accurately detect brain activity

BESDATA EEG electrodes have active actiCAP that reduce the impedance of electrodes.  There are various EEG electrodes types for preparation time like dry EEG electrodes and gel-based. We ensure your custom EEG electrode needs from various materials, specifications, and more options.

Whether you need them for business supplies, distribution, and more purposes, BESDATA will be your reliable partner to support your whole process. We have great experience in more than 20 years providing one-stop solutions for your business.

High-quality EEG electrodes manufacture with lots of research that meets high standards and receive a lot of international certificates. BESDATA can serve and provide excellent service through strict quality inspections and quality controls. It ensures product quality, functions, packaging, and secured shipment in long-distance deliveries.

Expect a quick response since we serve 24 hours online support. Send your inquiries and details for more information!

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