BESDATA EEG Conductive Paste and Gel

The BESDATA EEG conductive paste and gel is designed to stick the electrodes onto the skin and facilitate the transfer of EEG signals. The BESDATA EEG paste and gel are both water-soluble and very easy to wash off.

Your patients or participants will not have to deal with staining, stickiness, or smell. Both the paste and the gel can be used in sleep monitoring, evoked potential procedures, EEG diagnostics, biofeedback, neurofeedback, audiology, and more.

BESDATA EEG Conductive Paste and Gel Advantages

  • Stable attachment for the electrodes.
  • Water-soluble ingredients—easy to wash off and clean.
  • Fast reduction of signal impedance.
  • High conductivity, even after long-term monitoring.
  • Can be used with all types of surfaces of EEG electrodes.
EEG Conductive Paste and Gel video cover

BESDATA EEG conductive paste is available in 2 amounts: 114g/228g

Order Number Volume Package
BD-4 114g 3 jars/packages
BD-8 228g 3 jars/packages

BESDATA EEG conductive gel is available in 5 amounts: 100g/200g/250g/500g/1000g

Order Number Volume Package
BG-1 200g 10pcs/package
BG-2 500g 12pcs/package
BG-3 1000g 12pcs/package
BG-4 100g 10pcs/package
BG-5 250g 10pcs/package
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