BESDATA is over 10 years in producing high-quality EEG caps in China.

We specialize in designing, developing, marketing, and exporting EEG caps.


BESDATA EEG Caps - Always better solutions

BESDATA is a professional EEG cap supplier and manufacturer with more than ten years experience.  We offers EEG Caps from 10channels up to 256 channels high density. BESDATA EEG caps are using in EEG Diagnosis, PSG, tDCS, TMS, researching area extensively.  In addition, our team can support your brand by supplying ODM and OEM services. For your custom requirements regarding EEG caps, BESDATA is your first choice. We will design your product with satisfactory quality.


BESDATA can produce EEG caps using AgAgCl electrodes and a soft electrode holder for the best patient reassurance. We are following the 10-20 system international standard when applying its electrode. BESDATA is your reliable source of superior EEG caps for your business.

besdata eeg caps 1
besdata eeg caps

Why You Can Trust BESDATA

  • Always use sintered AgCl electrodes
  • Both reusable EEG Caps and disposable EEG Caps
  • Designed and patented solutions
  • Cutting edge technology in EEG signal precise measurement
  • Accept ODM and OEM solutions for EEG
  • Made from superior quality EEGelectrode materials
  • More than 10 years of manufacturing industry
  • Passed ISO13485 quality system, CFDA/CE/FDA certified supplier
  • With advanced and reliable experience in R & D and an excellent quality management system

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besdata eeg caps


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besdata eeg caps


BESDATA is your no.1 EEG caps manufacturer and supplier in China. We are professionals in manufacturing EEG caps for standard EEG examinations. Our EEG caps with comfortable cap shape, high precise and durable EEG electrodes and attractive price. We have a talented and knowledgeable team to manufacture superior quality EEG caps with full certifications: DOC, FDA, ISO13485, CE, CFDA, etc.

Anytime you need EEG caps, BESDATA is your prominent partner. We have our unique sintered Silver Silver Chloride electrodes , AgCl coating electrodes,  AgCl printing ink electrodes embedded in the caps.  Integrating the vast experience in development and research, excellent quality management system, and the most advanced production line, BESDATA becomes outstanding in the industry. Talk with one of our professionals, we can custom EEG caps based on your specifications.

Why Besdata EEG Caps Are Trusted by 1000+ Clients


Are you looking for a reliable EEG caps exporter, manufacturer, supplier, or distributor? BESDATA is the right solution. We provide all types of EEG caps which are CFDA, FDA, CE, and DOC certified.

You can always rely on BESDATA for high-quality EEG caps. We are your trusted manufacturer in China. Our company has a skilled and talented team to produce EEG caps precisely.

BESDATA EEG caps are available in children, adults, or even infants. The reference sizes are Large 58-62 cm, Medium 54-58 cm, Small 50-54 cm, Extra-Small 46-50 cm. Our company owns unique AgCl printing ink technology for disposable EEG Caps , AgCl sintered Electrodes for reusable EEG Caps.  It enables a reliable, high signal quality, and safe to use EEG caps.

We manufacture EEG caps designed to make easy affixing of electrodes to the scalp. This is well-known for the lowest impedances, highest subject comfort, excellent signal quality from Ag/AgCl sintered electrodes, and customer-specific electrode arrangements. If you have your design for EEG caps, discuss them with us.

Below are key features of EEG caps, such as,

  • 7 Different sizes for infant, children, adult, or even medical use
  • Made from superior quality EEGelectrode materials
  • 20 channel as standard, with custom channels to order
  • Guarantees precise, fast, and comfortable EEGmeasurement
  • Standard 10 20 electrodes position placement
  • Well-fit EEG caps shape

For OEM and ODM requests for EEG caps, you can always depend on BESDATA. We offer EEG caps that are accessible for competitive costs.

BESDATA EEG caps also provide numerous advantages. They are comfortable to wear, cost-efficient, high signal quality, no cross-infection, and easy to use. BESDATA is your best place anytime you require EEG caps and other products.

Throughout the 10 years in the industry, we grow into one of EEG caps leading manufacturers worldwide. We export BESDATA EEG caps in over 1000 hospitals domestically and over 300 labs internationally.

Please tell us what you need. BESDATA knows how to surpass your expectations.

EEG Cap: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

I know choosing a suitable EEG cap can be an overwhelming task.

A reason this guide will answer all questions you have been asking about EEG cap.

Keep reading to learn more.

1. What Is EEG Cap?

Electroencephalogram cap is a medical test that measures and records electrical activity in the brain with use of tiny metal disc.



2. What Determined Cost Of EEG Cap?

There are various types of EEG caps options available in market it depends with either the quality Or many factors determines.

It’s hard to mark out exact prices because there could be a discount or fluctuation because of change of currency.

But there Is always a range of prices from lower, middle and upper prices range depending on the number of factors.

Lower Price Range-

Usually around 99$ to 1000$, it has lower amount of electrodes has a feature that is 3D print.

Middle Price Range (1000$-25000$)-

Has higher number of available electrodes for every device and also it perks to hardware units compared to lower price range.

System in this scale are actually grade-research, it actually determines which unit is best for you depending on nature of research.

It has features like wireless solution that allows precise collection of data to take place with elevated movement and comfort too.

This category has large scale of options offered up to those that are partial fully flexible systems, head caps and fixed units.

This price range the features of EEG cap fast and very valuable cognitive function and metal states insights of respondent.

Upper Price Range-

This is about 25000$ and above range

It has the highest number of electrode channels, this enables extremely elevated resolution in brain signals detecting.

ANT Neuro gives up to 64 channels and work without conductive gel up to 256 electrodes.

3. What Are The Main Parts Of EEG Cap?

EEG electrodes, Neoprene Cap, Control box, Cable wires.

4. How Does EEG Cap Work?

It works by detecting and recording time changes in electrical activity within the brain, it begins by putting on the cap.

There are big flat electrodes that are attached to the scalp, this device then records activity utilizing macro-electrodes.

It gives out an encephalogram that shows how waves of brain vary in frequency and height of electrical output from brain changes with time.

The brain cell communicate to each other via the impulses that are electrical which s noted by EEG through electrodes on scalp.

EEG is utilized to show the presence and absence of certain brain activity places in a very accurate millisecond.

Electrodes of EEG analyses the electrical impulse that’s communicating in the brain, nerve impulses and this explains neurons message transmission to each other.

These explains how behaviors, thoughts and many conscious or unconscious processing occurs for them to happen or to actually be practiced.

The EEG cap does some recording for some time in order to indicate the level of brain activity that’s inside the brain.

The results of the electrical impulses that is being transmitted is then portrayed on display of EEG recording as wavy lines.

5. What Is The Function Of EEG Cap?

Utilized to help diagnose conditions like seizures and epilepsy, brain damage from head injury, brain dysfunction from variety of different causes.

Diagnoses brain tumor, the inflammation of the brain, sleeping disorders and also stroke to determine whether someone in coma is alive.

Also helps to determine the amount of anesthesia that is to be utilized on a person who is actually in comma.

It also helps to differentiate the epileptic seizures from different types like psychogenic non-epileptic seizures, fainting, sub-cortal movement and migraine variants.

It distinguishes delirium from psychiatric syndromes that are primary like for example the catatonia and determines the need give anti-epileptic.

EEG is utilized also in the research of ERPs extensively in neuroscience, cognitive science, cognitive psychology, neurolinguistics and in psycho physiological research.

EEG can actually detect brain processing that does not need a response at all this is also called the covert processing.

6. Which Features Should You Look For In EEG Caps?

Look for EEG caps that is in different sizes and layouts to ensure you get right size for different patients’ example adult, toddler.

Those that have very tiny sintered electrodes that give out reading of very high quality when recording to give accurate information.

Look for numbers of electrodes available on the EEG cap as it is a factor hat determines the speed and quality of recordings.

Look for features like coated wires where the wires on the electrode are not exposed so as to not cause danger.

Ensure that it does not have lots of noises or no noise at all during procedure to enable accurate study of results.

Look for those that have fabric to increase patients comfort on the head and to help dry the scalp much faster.

Those that have rubber rings in the cap so that it can actually assist the electrode to be stable on positioning.

Look at the material of the EEG cap it has to be of good quality that is durable and long lasting.

Ensure that it become easier to clean and not give you problems when cleaning or end up being damaged during cleaning.

Ensure that you get an amplifier of highest quality as this is part that helps to give clear signals to EEG.

You can either look for features of wireless EEG Cap or wired one depending with your taste but wireless is proffered because of convenience.

7. Are EEG Caps Safe?

Yes they are, they do not cause any discomfort or even produce any sensation there is no risk of being electrocuted.

Only when someone has seizures or epilepsy disorder is when there is little risk of having seizures because of flashlight.

8. How Many Electrodes Can You Find In EEG Cap?

The least lowest set up should contain at least 8 electrodes this enables you to measure certain or specific part of brain.

Most of the times the 8 electrode set ups are mostly utilized to take reading of frontal asymmetry for brain-based approach.

EEG Caps also have 10-20 electrodes and it’s enough for academic or commercial requirements and 20+ electrodes is utilized for advanced imaging studies.

The number of electrodes in an EEG cap is actually a determining factor when it comes to the prices of them.

Most of the time those that have 4, 10, or 24 channels usually have additional features like heart and muscle activity.

For option of 8, 20 or 32 electrodes it offers system of 4, 10, or 24 with use of WIFI or USB.

9. Which Type Of EEG Caps Are There?

Some of the most common options include:

Dry electrodes EEG cap.

Wet electrodes EEG cap.

Dry Electrodes EEG Cap-

These types of EEG cap doe nit need the utilization of any substance and it makes contact directly with the scalp.

They have benefits of being fast when being placed with no need of additional things like gel cans and syringes.

Dry electrode EEG Cap

Dry electrodes EEG cap

They are usually very comfortable to put on and does not need the scalp to be cleaned after it is utilized.

They don’t need heavy hygienic procedures on the equipment after utilization because  it does not use any liquids to assists reading.

Wet EEG Cap-

This is the type that actually uses  a substance to improve the contact conductivity between the scalp electrodes and the  brain transmission.


wet EEG Cap

They consists of type like- Gel EEG Cap, Saline EEG , Semi-dry EEG or Water Based EEG.

Gel And Saline EEG-

They need an assistant of highly conductive electrolytic gel between the scalp and the electrode to reduce the skin-electrode interface impendence.

Before application the skin is cleaned well to ensure there isn’t any grease then electrode  is applied and gel  is introduced.

Gel and Saline EEG

Gel and Saline EEG

Semi-dry Water Based EEG Electrodes-

Aim is the utilization of regular tap water that’s filled inside absorbent material and filed in the sensors and the skin.

Semi dry water based EEG Electrodes

semi dry EEG Electrodes

Advantages Of Wet Electrodes-

They give out clear signals and need the simple amplifier to amplify signals which are less expensive and have easy designs.


They are actually very uncomfortable to wear and need cleaning of hair after procedure because of the gel usage to amplify.

There is usually need for skin abrasion which is a very uncomfortable process to the patient and has very high cost maintenance.

10. Where Can You Use EEG Cap?

Used In Exploring Research-

Utilized in lab research to help understand, in controlled environments how human behaves and obtain measurements in channels of EEG

These ones usually have futures of high resolution and accuracy and are utilized in the medical or clinical settings a well.

Utilized Outside Lab-

They usually have free movement and are wireless and utilized outside lab to understand the human behavior in different natural scenarios

11. How Should You Maintain EEG Cap?

Cleaning is the best way to maintain the cap especial gel based cap for hygiene to help protect patients who wear them.

Remove straps and un-strap then utilize lukewarm water that has small amount of ivory detergent in it, dip cap only.

Rinse and dry the cap lower than the connector.

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