BESDATA is over 10 years in producing high-quality EEG caps in China.

We specialize in designing, developing, marketing, and exporting EEG caps.


BESDATA EEG Caps - Always better solutions

BESDATA is a professional EEG cap supplier and manufacturer with more than ten years experience.  We offers EEG Caps from 10channels up to 256 channels high density. BESDATA EEG caps are using in EEG Diagnosis, PSG, tDCS, TMS, researching area extensively.  In addition, our team can support your brand by supplying ODM and OEM services. For your custom requirements regarding EEG caps, BESDATA is your first choice. We will design your product with satisfactory quality.


BESDATA can produce EEG caps using AgAgCl electrodes and a soft electrode holder for the best patient reassurance. We are following the 10-20 system international standard when applying its electrode. BESDATA is your reliable source of superior EEG caps for your business.

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besdata eeg caps

Why You Can Trust BESDATA

  • Always use sintered AgCl electrodes
  • Both reusable EEG Caps and disposable EEG Caps
  • Designed and patented solutions
  • Cutting edge technology in EEG signal precise measurement
  • Accept ODM and OEM solutions for EEG
  • Made from superior quality EEGelectrode materials
  • More than 10 years of manufacturing industry
  • Passed ISO13485 quality system, CFDA/CE/FDA certified supplier
  • With advanced and reliable experience in R & D and an excellent quality management system

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besdata eeg caps


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besdata eeg caps


BESDATA is your no.1 EEG caps manufacturer and supplier in China. We are professionals in manufacturing EEG caps for standard EEG examinations. Our EEG caps with comfortable cap shape, high precise and durable EEG electrodes and attractive price. We have a talented and knowledgeable team to manufacture superior quality EEG caps with full certifications: DOC, FDA, ISO13485, CE, CFDA, etc.

Anytime you need EEG caps, BESDATA is your prominent partner. We have our unique sintered Silver Silver Chloride electrodes , AgCl coating electrodes,  AgCl printing ink electrodes embedded in the caps.  Integrating the vast experience in development and research, excellent quality management system, and the most advanced production line, BESDATA becomes outstanding in the industry. Talk with one of our professionals, we can custom EEG caps based on your specifications.

Why Besdata EEG Caps Are Trusted by 1000+ Clients


Are you looking for a reliable EEG caps exporter, manufacturer, supplier, or distributor? BESDATA is the right solution. We provide all types of EEG caps which are CFDA, FDA, CE, and DOC certified.

You can always rely on BESDATA for high-quality EEG caps. We are your trusted manufacturer in China. Our company has a skilled and talented team to produce EEG caps precisely.

BESDATA EEG caps are available in children, adults, or even infants. The reference sizes are Large 58-62 cm, Medium 54-58 cm, Small 50-54 cm, Extra-Small 46-50 cm. Our company owns unique AgCl printing ink technology for disposable EEG Caps , AgCl sintered Electrodes for reusable EEG Caps.  It enables a reliable, high signal quality, and safe to use EEG caps.

We manufacture EEG caps designed to make easy affixing of electrodes to the scalp. This is well-known for the lowest impedances, highest subject comfort, excellent signal quality from Ag/AgCl sintered electrodes, and customer-specific electrode arrangements. If you have your design for EEG caps, discuss them with us.

Below are key features of EEG caps, such as,

  • 7 Different sizes for infant, children, adult, or even medical use
  • Made from superior quality EEGelectrode materials
  • 20 channel as standard, with custom channels to order
  • Guarantees precise, fast, and comfortable EEGmeasurement
  • Standard 10 20 electrodes position placement
  • Well-fit EEG caps shape

For OEM and ODM requests for EEG caps, you can always depend on BESDATA. We offer EEG caps that are accessible for competitive costs.

BESDATA EEG caps also provide numerous advantages. They are comfortable to wear, cost-efficient, high signal quality, no cross-infection, and easy to use. BESDATA is your best place anytime you require EEG caps and other products.

Throughout the 10 years in the industry, we grow into one of EEG caps leading manufacturers worldwide. We export BESDATA EEG caps in over 1000 hospitals domestically and over 300 labs internationally.

Please tell us what you need. BESDATA knows how to surpass your expectations.

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