BESDATA EEG Caps for Clinical Applications

BESDATA EEG caps for clinical applications are composed of elastic, comfortable spandex fabric with a soft silicon electrode holders. The electrode substrate material is sintered AgCl, which is embedded in the silicon holder.

The sintered AgCl electrodes provide the BESDATA EEG caps with the highest signal quality, low impedance, and low noise. The EEG caps come in 10 sizes, ranging from neonatal to adult. We also welcome ODM/OEM orders. The EEG cap can be used for diagnosis and the monitoring of the treatment of various illnesses.

BESDATA EEG Caps for Clinical Application Advantages

  • The sensor substrate is made of sintered Ag AgCl electrodes. Ensure fast, precise EEG measurement.
  • More size available, each size 2cm step. 10 size from newborn, pediatric and adult.
  • Well tailored cap shape.
  • The electrodes gel holder with large space for gel injection.
  • Shielded cable optional, more stable signal quality.
  • 10-20 internal standard position .
  • 20channels, 32 channels, 64channels as standard.
  • Customized position welcomed. ODM and OEM welcomed
EEG Caps for Clinical Application video cover
Order Number Size Channel Size of Scalp Scalp Range Sensor Material
N01020001 Adult XL 20 60cm 60-62cm Sintered AgCl
N01020002 Adult L 20 58cm 58-60cm Sintered AgCl
N01020003 Adult M 20 56cm 56-58cm Sintered AgCl
N01020004 Adult S 20 54cm 54-56 cm Sintered AgCl
N01020005 Pediatric XS 20 52cm 50-54cm Sintered AgCl
N01010006 Pediatric 2S 20 48cm 46-50cm Sintered AgCl
N01010007 Pediatric 3S 20 44cm 42-46cm Sintered AgCl
N01010008 Pediatric 4S 10 40cm 38-42cm Sintered AgCl
N01010009 Pediatric 5S 10 36cm 34-38cm Sintered AgCl
N01010010 Pediatric 6S 10 32cm 30-34cm Sintered AgCl

Standard 10-20 Electrode Positions

BESDATA EEG Caps for Clinical Application embedded with 19 electrodes with GND, REF and A1, A2 eardrops. The pre-positioned 10-20 international position system allows the clinicians even not experienced to place the electrodes in correct.

EEG Caps for Clinical Application Detail 7
EEG Caps for Clinical Application Detail 9

Electrodes Holder Comfortable and Easy to Wash

  • BESDATA EEG Caps for Clinical Application with Large hole for gel injection and disinfection. Large contact surface between scalp and sensor. The holder with big volume for gel and paste. It allows long time monitoring and no need add gel frequently.
  • You can observe the contact between scalp and electrodes through the holder easily.
  • The silicon holder design allows brushes to clean easily.
  • Label print on the surface of electrodes holder. Easier placement and recognization.

Unique design of Chin Strap

The ear clip hole size suitable and comfortable.

The China Strap could be integrated or seperated optional.

EEG Caps for Clinical Application Detail 8
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