BESDATA Ear Clip Cable

BESDATA ear clip cable is used for EEG diagnosis or some other electrical stimulation, such as microcurrent stimulation therapy. The electrodes’ substrate could be sintered with silver chloride, pure silver, or gold-coated, depending on what application you need it for.

BESDATA Ear Clip Cable Advantages

  • Ergonomically designed ear clip shape.
  • Optional substrate material suitable for different purposes.
  • Sintered AgCl/Silver/Gold material options.
  • 5mm DIN touch-proof connector compatible with most brands of EEG devices.
  • One pair includes 2 plastic clips.
Ear Clip Cable video cover
Disinfecting Type Ultraviolet Light
Material PVC
Cup Diameter 10 mm
Lead wire length 1500 mm
Quantity 1pc/Packge
Cable Color 10 colors
Cable Material TPU
Connector Type 1.5mm DIN
Order Number Cable Length Ear Clip Type
E061015 1.5m Type A
E062015 1.5m Type B
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