BESDATA Disposable Silver/Silver Chloride EEG Deep Cup Electrodes

BESDATA disposable silver/silver chloride EEG cup electrodes are made with ABS cups coated with silver or silver chloride. Silver chloride material is mostly used to transfer EEG signals better due to its low noise.

The EEG deep cups can also be coated with silver. Now, the BESDATA disposable EEG cup electrodes offer a cost-effective solution with a low risk of cross-contamination.

BESDATA Disposable Silver/Silver Chloride EEG Cup Electrodes, Deep Cup Advantages

  • Color-coded lead wires
  • Choose from 5pcs/package, 10pcs/package, 25pcs/package, or other.
  • 10mm silver/silver chloride cup with 2.6mm in height, and big volume for conductive gel and paste.
  • Disposable use to avoid cross-infection from patient to patient.
  • 5mm DIN connector is compatible with most EEG devices on the market.
BESDATA Disposable Silver/Silver Chloride EEG Deep Cup Electrodes
Cup material Silver/ Silver Chloride (Ag/AgCl) coating, ABS based.
Cup diameter 10mm
Cup height 3.0mm
REACH & RoHS compliant YES
Lead wire core Tin Plated Copper
Lead wire insulation PVC
Lead wire color Red, yellow, green, black, white
Connector DIN42802 (1.5Din Connector)
Package 5/pack , 10/pack, 25/pack optional
Order Number Cable Length
ED041010D 1.0m
ED041015D 1.5m
ED041020D 2.0m
ED041025D 2.5m
ED041030D 3.0m

Precise Construction, Higher Volume for Gel/Paste

Compared with a standard cup, the BESDATA cup allows for 2.5 times more conductive gel/paste to be held. Our device is easy to place and monitor EEG data for a long time.

We offer a wide and well-made rim with a 2.5 mm hole for convenient injection of conductive paste/gel and great adherence to a patient’s scalp. The precise construction keeps low impedance and low noise, which improves the quality of the signal transfer.

Disposable Silver Silver Chloride EEG Electrodes, deep cup
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