Disposable Gold Cup Electrodes

BESDATA disposable gold-plated cup electrodes are sanitary for patients and convenient for doctors and researchers. Each package includes a multicolor cable with a durable safety DIN 42802 connector. The cable is available in 5 different lengths.

The flat edge and hole in the center ensure strong adherence of the conductive paste or gel. Importantly, our BESDATA disposable gold-coated cup electrodes are offered at an affordable price.

BESDATA Disposable Golden Cup Electrodes Advantages

  • Easy to use.
  • Affordable price.
  • Disc center with a 2 mm hole to facilitate the application of the conductive gel.
  • Compatible with all medical devices.
  • Available in different colors and lengths.
  • Anti-tangle PVC wire.
  • Heavy golden plating.
Disposable gold cup electrodes
Cup material Gold coated, Copper based.
Cup diameter 9.4mm
Cup hole 2.5mm
REACH & RoHS compliant YES
Lead wire core Tin Plated Copper
Lead wire insulation PVC
Lead wire color Red, yellow, green, black, white
Connector DIN42802 (1.5Din Connector)
Package 5/pack , 10/pack, 25/pack optional
Order Number Cable Length
ED021010 1.0m
ED021015 1.5m
ED021020 2.0m
ED021025 2.5m
ED021030 3.0m

Professional Design of the Disc

The BESDATA disposable discs have the same specifications as the reusable type. However, disposable golden cup electrodes are ABS-based, helping you save money.

The 10 mm disc with a 2 mm hole facilitates easy injection of conductive gel and prevents the cap from falling off. Additionally, the flat edge reduces the pressure on the scalp.

Disposable gold cup electrodes detail
Disposable gold cup electrodes detail

Reduce Cross-Contamination

BESDATA disposable electrodes are more sanitary for patients, reducing cross-contamination possible in reusable electrodes.

Lightweight Lead Wires

We manufacture our disposable golden cup electrodes using a lightweight and top-quality PVC wire. The anti-tangle wires include safety DIN42802 connectors, and are available in the following lengths: 1, 1.5, 2, and 2.5 meters.

It can meet all the different monitoring needs.

Disposable gold cup electrodes detail
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