BESDATA Disposable Flexible Cystoscope

BESDATA Disposable Flexible Cystoscope, a cutting-edge endoscope designed for cystoscopy procedures in urology. This cystoscopy camera combines advanced CMOS imaging technology and LED-enhanced illumination, ensuring clear visualization during surgery or diagnostic cystoscopy.  At the same time, it is compatible with standard cystoscopy instruments and can be seamlessly connected to the existing urology system of medical institutions. The single-use design eliminates the need for for reprocessing, reducing cystoscopy costs and eliminating the risk of cross-contamination. All in all, choosing BESDATA disposable flexible cystoscope is a wise move for patients, doctors and hospitals.

Application of BESDATA Disposable Flexible Cystoscope

BESDATA disposable flexible cystoscope has a wide range of applications in the field of urology. It provides direct visualization of the bladder and urethra, aiding in the diagnosis of a wide range of conditions, including urinary tract infections, bladder stones, tumors, and urethral strictures.  Cystoscopy allows tissue sampling by biopsy, which can help diagnose bladder cancer and other urinary tract disorders. It facilitates stone removal, management of urethral strictures, and precise stent placement or removal.

BESDATA Disposable Flexible Cystoscope (7)
Model No. CY-F1
Field of View 120°
Direction of View
Depth of Field 5-100mm
Insertion Tube Outer Diameter 5.2mm
Working Channel Diameter 2.2mm
Angulation Range 210°Up/210°Down
Working Length of Shaft 380mm
Screen Type TFT LCD
Length-width Ratio 16:10
Resolution 1280X760
Connectors Discription
Video Input 10 pin lemo plug
Video Output AV,HDMI, SDI, DVI, CVBS, USB3.0
Photo and Video Store SD Card
Recording Function
Recording Format JPG for photograph, MP4 for video
Memory Capacity 32GB
Function Button Description
Power switch Power on/off
Brighten the image brightness Brighten the image brightness
Dim the image brightness Dim the image brightness
Video Recording video
Photo Photograph
Zoom in/out Zoom in or zoom out the image
White balance Manual white balance
User mode User mode

BESDATA Single Use Digital Flexible Ureteroscope Special Features

  • Wide field of view:120° field of view ensures that doctors can have a comprehensive and clear observation of the urinary tract
  • Slim design:The insertion tube with an outer diameter of 5.2 mm reduces the discomfort of the patient and is easy to operate in the narrow urinary tract.
  • Wide Angle Range: 210° upward and 210° downward angle range provides flexibility for navigating challenging urethral structures.
  • Spacious working channel space:The diameter of the working channel is 2.2 mm, which provides enough space for inserting special instruments for biopsy, stone extraction or placing stents
BESDATA Disposable Flexible Cystoscope (5)
BESDATA Disposable Flexible Cystoscope (6)

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