BESDATA Disposable EEG Electrodes

Use Besdata Disposable EEG Electrodes To Provide Ultimate Quality Signal While Reduce The Risk Of Cross Infection

BESDATA Disposable EEG Electrodes

As an experienced disposable EEG electrodes China manufacturer, BESDATA produces precise electrical signal transfer solutions in neurology. Our disposable EEG electrodes come in different models, including disposable silver/ silver chloride EEG electrodes, standard cup, deep cup, disposable gold cup electrodes. It saves cleaning, maintaining, and storage time after every use. BESDATA ensures 100% quality products for all patient’s safety.

BESDATA disposable EEG electrodes

BESDATA disposable EEG electrodes free your nurse from reusable electrode cleaning and processing. When considering the productivity gains, it is cost-justifying. With BESDATA disposable EEG electrodes, you can reduce the patients cross contamination risk, at the same time, you can save time and cost for the preparation and cleaning of reusable electrodes . They are best to use on the frontal, mastoid, and anterior temporal areas. However, the electrodes can be mixed-match according to your needs.

besdata disposable eeg electrodes
besdata disposable eeg electrodes

Why You Can Trust BESDATA

  • Ten years of disposable EEG electrodes manufacturing experience
  • Fully certifications on all disposable EEG electrodes like FDA, CFDA, CE
  • Accepts ODM support for disposable EEG electrodes
  • Serves more than 1000 professional distributors worldwide
  • Professional design and development team
  • Provide excellent after-sales service
  • Low MOQ starts at 100 units

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besdata disposable eeg electrodes

Advanced Technology Disposable EEG Electrodes

besdata disposable eeg electrodes video cover
besdata disposable eeg electrodes video cover

BESDATA Disposable EEG Electrodes

BESDATA disposable EEG electrodes have a broad rim that distributes pressure over a greater area. It reduces the likelihood of patients’ injury where the skin breakdown is a concern. They are ideal use in diverse areas such as frontal, mastoid, and anterior temporal, most especially when more extended EEG studies.

The BESDATA disposable EEG electrodes eliminate troubleshooting. Compared to other reusable EEG options, this one provides high-quality recordings while reducing cross-contamination. Plus, you will save time and money effectively. Through continuous development, we have improved and updated our disposable EEG electrodes for different type of cups.

Why Besdata Disposable EEG Electrodes Are Trusted by 1000+ Clients

BESDATA Disposable EEG Electrodes


EEG Electrodes


BESDATA disposable EEG electrodes are one of our top products. As an ISO13485 certificated manufacturer and supplier, we are providing high-quality disposable EEG electrodes.

Our entire series of products meet the CE, FDA, and CFDA standards. If you are looking for disposable EEG electrodes for scientific research or medical application, BESDATA is your ideal source.

Our disposable EEG electrodes are available in different models, (1) disposable silver/ silver chloride EEG electrodes, standard cup (2) disposable silver/ silver chloride EEG electrodes, deep cup, and (3) disposable gold cup electrodes. You can find an extensive selection of accessories and materials to meet your demand.

Combining advanced production lines and expert R&D teams, we had built strong technique connections and sophisticated sales channels. We have a perfect quality management system to ensure your disposable EEG electrode’s excellence.

For over ten years, we expand our market from domestic to international partners. We have distributors in Germany, the US, Mexico, Brazil, etc. From time to time, we have updated our disposable EEG electrodes features and design.

Here’s the reason why you choose Besdata disposable EEG electrodes:

  • Reduced thecross infection risk
  • It helps eliminate healthcare-associated infections (HAIs)
  • Avoid the issue of cleaning and maintaining electrodes
  • Excellent signal quality and constant stable signal even for long term sleeping monitoring.
  • Improved standard 1.5Din connector suitable for most brand EEG device.
  • Cup ergonomic design not easy to lift up from scalp
  • Optimal patient comfort with low profile disk,
  • Flexible and environmental friendly material
  • Lightweight

BESDATA dedicates itself to providing the latest and most innovative neurodiagnostic technology. Moreover, we can give an ODM solution for your disposable EEG electrodes. We can also customize it to suit your studies or special project needs.

At BESDATA, we can create a custom solution, from concept to complete packaged product; we will handle your project carefully. Accumulating experience in clinical and research capabilities, we can present a better solution for you.

If you have any questions regarding disposable EEG electrodes application and compactibility, please do not hesitate to contact us today!


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