Diagnostic Hysteroscope

BESDATA Diagnostic Hysteroscope requires no assembly and preoperative preparation time, no need you to take uterine dilation, no anesthesia, and convenient operation. It realizes the integration of outpatient diagnosis and treatment. It reduces the number of hospitalization days or eliminates the need for hospitalization, It helps you to control the total cost of patients, and improves the efficiency of outpatient diagnosis and treatment. Your department could improve the bed turnover rate and increase the revenue.

If you are looking for affordable, affordable and easy-to-use disposable digital diagnostic hysteroscopy for outpatient diagnosis and treatment, Pls contact BESDATA diagnostic hysteroscope.

Perform diagnostic & operative hysteroscopy procedures in your office.

BESDATA Diagnostic Hysteroscope improves the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment, saves preparation time, reduces the queue for appointments, and can do it anytime. BESDATA Diagnostic Hysteroscope brings fast diagnosis and treatment in outpatient clinics, can diagnose more patients in outpatient clinics, and improve the efficiency of hospitals and departments.

Diagnostic Hysteroscope
Model Number O.D.(mm) Working Channel(mm) View Angle Working Length
HY-H1 5.5mm 2.2mm 120° 330mm
HY-H2 4.2mm 2.2mm 120° 330mm
Screen Type TFT LCD
Length-width Ratio 16:10
Resolution 1280X760
Connectors Discription
Video Input 10 pin lemo plug
Video Output AV,HDMI, SDI, DVI, CVBS, USB3.0
Photo and Video Store SD Card
Recording Function
Recording Format JPG for photograph, MP4 for video
Memory Capacity 32GB
Function Button Description
Power switch Power on/off
Brighten the image brightness Brighten the image brightness
Dim the image brightness Dim the image brightness
Video Recording video
Photo Photograph
Zoom in/out Zoom in or zoom out the image
White balance Manual white balance
User mode User mode

Single-use, 0 risk of cross-infection

BESDATA diagnostic hysteroscope is single-use, has zero risk of cross-infection.

Diagnostic Hysteroscope 2
Diagnostic Hysteroscope

Save cost for disinfection and examination

BESDATA diagnostic hysteroscope It avoids the risk of cross-infection caused by incomplete cleaning and disinfection of traditional multiplexed hysteroscopes and improper operation, and there is no risk of cross-infection caused by repeated use. At the same time, BESDATA diagnostic hysteroscope saves the examination expenses of patients (saving the examination expenses of infectious diseases and sexually transmitted diseases).

More Sensitive and Specific Assessment

When you makes the outpatient assessment of endometrial lesions by BESDATA diagnostic hysteroscopy, It is more intuitive and accurate than ultrasonography. BESDATA diagnostic hysteroscopy is more sensitive and specific for assessment than hydrous and transvaginal ultrasound.

Diagnostic Hysteroscope
Diagnostic Hysteroscope

More Assisted toThe Reproduction Clinic

In the assisted reproduction clinic, the use of BESDATA diagnostic hysteroscopy is more in line with the requirements for the initial inspection of the artificial reproduction cycle, providing sufficient scientific evidence to quickly make decisions about assisted reproduction programs.

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