BESDATA Cup Electrodes

BESDATA produce all kinds cup electrodes such as gold coated, pure silver, AgCl sintered less than 2/3 cost but with much better quality.



BESDATA Cup Electrodes

BESDATA has over 10 years of history in creating and developing cup electrodes. We are using quality raw materials that are 100% guaranteed high-performance and high-quality in producing our products. BESDATA will accept all customization requirement for cup electrodes. For custom requirements, just send us your specifications. We will build them for you.

BESDATA Cup Electrodes

BESDATA offers a wide range of cup electrodes available in different specs and sizes. We ensure that our products are certified, safe to use, and passed the FDA, CFDA, and CE standards.We can design the Cup Electrodes in gold, silver, AgCl printing ink, AgCl coated, AgCl sintered etc different material, We serve more than 20 manufacturers from researching to clinical area.  If you have customized requirement or if you’re distributor, just contact us.

besdata cup electodes
besdata cup electodes

Why You Can Trust BESDATA

  • ISO13485 certified company
  • Trusted by different top brands worldwide
  • Approved by FDA, CE, and CFDA
  • More than 10 years of experience in manufacturing cup electrodes
  • Offers affordable and reliable ODM services
  • Always aim to better solutions for neurology
  • Always aim to patients comfortable and cost down for clinicians

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besdata cup electodes

Advanced Technology Cup Electrodes

besdata cup electodes video cover
besdata cup electodes video cover

BESDATA Cup Electrodes

BESDATA is your premier choice of standard and custom cup electrodes in China. We offer plenty of choices for the success of your business. Our ultimate goal is to manufacture a product that will meet your high expectations.

For over 10 years, BESDATA has become one of the leading suppliers you can rely upon. We produce and distribute products to countries like Germany, the US, Brazil, Mexico, and more countries. Our wide knowledge enables us to reach international standards. BESDATA Cup electrodes are applicable in various industries.

Why Besdata Cup Electrodes Are Trusted by 1000+ Clients

BESDATA Cup Electrodes

BESDATA is an FDA, CFDA, ISO13485, CE-certified company in China. We export our products, especially the cup electrodes, to various countries like the US, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, and more. We can guarantee that our products have the performance and quality you need for your business.

We offer cup electrodes designed to supply reliable signals every time. Utilizing superior quality raw materials, we can provide products that will enhance your market sales. BESDATA cup electrodes are effective, durable, high-performance, highly stable, reliable to use, and safe to use.

Technical specifications of BESDATA Cup Electrodes:

  • Single female header termination per cable
  • 10 colorunique color code cable
  • Insulation with medical TPU.
  • Overall cable OD = 1.45mm/0.057”
  • 26 gauge stranded wire
  • The cup diameter is 10 mm
  • Core wire Silver Coated Copper with Kevlar tensile to strengthen the cable.

Along with our professionals, BESDATA uses strict quality standards to ensure our cup electrodes safe from factory defects and minor damage.

BESDATA is your best solution provider when it comes to high-quality cup electrodes. We have enough expertise makes us 100% sure that we can supply all your certain needs. We can help skyrocket your business internationally and locally. We have the requirements and qualities you need for a manufacturer.

The cup electrode delivers several benefits, such as:

  • Ultimate flexible and soft medical grade TPU material make it easy for use and durable life.
  • Color coded wire make it easy positioned
  • All the electrodes with clear signal quality and low resistance
  • Different size for pediatric and adult cup.
  • Disposable electrodes could reduce the cross-contamination risk.
  • The 1.5Din Connector under 10000times plug and out testing. Could match perfectly with most of EEG Device.
  • Special Cup tail design not easy to take off from the scalp.

Get the best offers and deals for cup electrodes here in BESDATA. We are one of the outstanding distributors and manufacturers in China. All our products are guaranteed high-quality and affordable.

If you want to customize your cup electrodes, discuss with us your designs and ideas. BESDATA is over 10 years in the production industry. With BESDATA, you will have better business with high profits.

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