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BESDATA is established by family members who have been impacted by stroke. For Years we know deeply about the patients painless and we aim to reduce such painless for patients.

We start with visualization solutions in airway management.  The BESDATA Airway Ecosystem family members including Video layrngoscope,  Disposable intubation kits, Video stylets, Video double lumen endobronchial tube, Video laryngeal mask.

Meanwhile, BESDATA TEAM offers precise electrical signal transfer solution in neurology. With development and production basement in Wuhan, China. We developed an extensive selection of accessories to cover for EEG/EMG/PSG/sleep/Neurofeedback/ Long Term Monitoring, Epilepsy Monitoring, Stroke Diagnosis, Scientific Reseach needs. BESDATA sensors are made by a variety of electrode sensor mateirals (Gold coated, Pure siler, silver/ silver chloride, Sintered silver chloride, AgCl ink printing) to meet different demands.

We’re keep expanding our territory based on the visualization technology and newest sensor technology. Any cooperators that will enhance our application and capacibilities are welcomed. We also welcome interested investors.

Our Vision: A Happier, Healthier future for everyone.

Our Purpose : Always better solutions , affordable cost , to be your reliable partner of medical techology.

Core Value: Creativity, Responsibility, Altruism,

Customers We work closely with our customers, always be helpful to our customers, support them to be competitive and solve the problem for them.
Employees We develop and reward our people both financially and through personal and professional development. We grow up together with our people.
Suppliers  When we grow our revenue and develop new products, we support suppliers businesses and their stakeholders. We grow up together with our supplier. Any Besdata’s provider is a part of our great international family.

  • Certification for Besdata

Full Certifications for Any Besdata Product

Besdata will always register the certifications for all of our products like video laryngoscope, video Endoscope, video otoscope, video stylet etc.

Besdata Airway Ecosystem- Best Solution for Difficult Airways

Besdata has a full series of airway management solutions  including reusable video laryngoscopes and disposable video laryngoscopes. Besdata video laryngoscope has been serving over 1000 professional gloal distributors, Registered in Germany, the US, Mexico, Thailand, India, Brazil, etc.

  • besdata video laryngoscope
  • besdata cleaning room

Cleaning Room Manufacturing

BESDATA has built a new plant 3000 square meters in Hunan with Class 100,000 cleanrooms, can be modular or soft-walled, and have a maximum particle count of 100,000 particles (≥0.5 um) per cubic foot of interior air.

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