BESDATA High Flow Nasal Cannula

The BESDATA high flow nasal cannula can be widely used to treat adult patients with respiratory failure, It is applicable in RICU, ICU, respiratory department, emergency department , neursurgery department, cardiology ,  It is effective for respiratory failure, mild ventilatory dysfunction, post-extubation/ pre-intubation oxygenation,  mild respiratory distress ect.

Advantages of BESDATA High Flow Nasal Cannula

Material:  Silicone + TPE surface contact with patients, flexible and comfortable material.

Prongs: Larger cavity to ensure stable airflow pressure for patient

Adapter: 360°swivel adapter

Compatible Machine: All major brands HFNC machines

BESDATA High Flow Nasal Cannula
Optional Size: 3 size, Large/Medium/Small
Material: TPE, Silicon, PVC
Length: 32cm
Size: Length: 32cm
Inside diameter: 12mm
Inside diameter of nasal prongs: 6.0mm/5.0mm/4.0mm
Spacing between nasal prongs: 19mm/15mm/14mm
Package: 1pc/package
Using: Disposable


HFNC001 high flow nasal cannula ,small adult
HFNC002 high flow nasal cannula, medium adult
HFNC003 high flow nasal cannula,large adult

Clinical application

High-flow nasal cannula (HFNC )oxygen delivery has become a key effective therapy mode for patients with respiratory failure.

It is even more effective and more benefits comparing to conventional oxygen therapies. It can be used in clinical:

  • Hypercapnic respiratory failure
  • Hypoxemic respiratory failure
  • Post-extubation
  • Pre-intubation oxygenation
  • Sleep apnea
  • Acute heart failure

The benifits including

  • Increased oxygenation
  • Improved patients comfortable
  • Avoid of airway intubation
  • Reduced needs of escalation respiratory support
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