BESDATA Disposable EEG Caps

BESDATA disposable EEG caps saves the preparation time for quick EEG diagnosis, really reduce the risk of cross-contamination, the Ag AgCl ink printing technology delivers ultimate high quality EEG signals, and the international 10-20 system with standard quick connector could match most of the device in the market. BESDATA can also accept OEM and ODM your product with outstanding and top-quality.

BESDATA Disposable EEG Caps - Best Solutions for ICU, NICU, Stroke diagnosis etc.

  • 10 years of EEG precise signal transfer solutionsexperience
  • FDA/CE/CFDA certificated supplier, Passed ISO13485 quality system.
  • Accept ODM solutions for disposable EEG caps
  • Quick delivery, 100 units can be delivered within 1 week, small orders dispatched immediately
  • Attend more than 8 professional medical fairs (FIME, MEDICA, CMEF, ARAB Health)you can always find us there
Disposable EEG Caps video cover

BESDATA Disposable EEG Caps


BESDATA is an expert in manufacturing disposable EEG caps for standard EEG examinations.  BESDATA disposable EEG caps allows you to save much time for EEG preparation.  No need long time placing electrodes, No need injection gel and paste.   It save your clinician’s time and money for clean and disinfection process. BESDATA disposable EEG caps also eliminate the risk of cross-contamination.

If you require disposable EEG caps, BESDATA is your great partner. You can apply in Neurology, ICU, NICU, Ambulance, Epilepsy Quick diagnosis, Strike Quick Diagnosis, Emergency Room etc.

If you’re looking for a certified disposable EEG caps manufacturer, exporter, distributor, or supplier, BESDATA is the right solution. All of our disposable EEG caps and other products are certified by FDA, DOC, CE, CFDA, and many more.

BESDATA is your reliable disposable EEG cap manufacturer in China. Our company has a talented team to manufacture disposable EEG caps precisely. It has an elastic design cap that provides a one-size fitting.  The position always follows with standard 10 20 international position system.

BESDATA disposable EEG caps can be available in infants, children, and adults. Adult full size is 53cm-61cm head circumference. BESDATA disposable EEG Caps embedded with Ag/AgCl ink printing sensors, it always delivers you high signal quality, lightweight, easy and comfortable for wearing.


  • comfortable to wear
  • easy-to-use
  • cost-efficient
  • no cross-infection
  • high signal quality


  • One size fits all design
  • Ensure comfortable, fast, and precise EEG measurements
  • OEM and ODM services are available
  • Standard9~23channels
  • Custom position to order
  • 10-20 electrode placement international standard
  • Printing Ag/AgCl ink ensures high signal quality

Our disposable EEG caps are compatible with all EEG amplifiers that are accessible in the market. BESDATA specializes in manufacturing and R&D of innovative disposable EEG caps for research and medical applications.

With over ten years of experience, we grow as a leader in disposable EEG caps technology worldwide. We export BESDATA disposable EEG caps and other products in 300+ labs internationally and 1000+ hospitals domestically.

As a leading disposable EEG cap manufacturer and supplier, we offer you customized ODM/OEM service. It allows reducing the risk of cross-infection, ease-of-use, and high reliability. Please tell us what you want; BESDATA knows how to meet customer’s requirements.

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