BD-VS Reusable Video Stylet

BESDATA BD-VS reusable video stylet is suitable for all endotracheal tubes of 5.5 mm diameter and larger. The stylet is IPX8 waterproof and compatible with a 7-inch monitor. The monitor is not waterproof, however.

The visually guided intubation ends in just 10 seconds, which is great for reducing the risk of intubation complications and avoiding violent intubation. The BESDATA BD-VS reusable video stylets are great for routine and difficult airway intubation.

Advantages of the BD-VS Reusable Video Stylet

  • Suitable for oral and nasal intubation.
  • Malleable stylet to match any anatomy.
  • High-resolution CMOS camera with anti-fog technology.
  • Suitable for endotracheal tube measuring 5.5mm in diameter and larger.
  • 1280*720 (RGB) high-resolution monitor.
  • IPS screen with a viewing angle of > 80°.
  • HDMI output for video/image display.
  • Higher and faster 1st intubation success rate compared to traditional laryngoscope intubation.
Item number Description O.D. Size Recommended Tube Sizes I.D.
BD-VS Adult 4.0mm ≥4.5
Sterilize Method 2.0%Glutaral fully soak for 10 minutes
Or  0.5%-0.6% Cidex OPA for more than 5 minutes.



BD-VS Reusable Video Stylet Design

BD-VS reusable video stylet combines the advantages of modern flexible laryngoscopes and traditional rigid laryngoscopes. BESDATA video stylet offers clear visualization of the trachea and glottis. It can even be used in patients unable to open the mouth for more than 12 mm.


BD-VS Reusable Video Stylet
BD-VS Reusable Video Stylet

Video Stylet Clinical Applications

The BESDATA video stylet can be used to intubate:

  • Patients with a higher larynx and an invisible glottis
  • Patients with limited cervical movement
  • Patients with a small jaw
  • Patients with limited mouth opening
  • Patients with severe tooth defects
  • Patients with heart failure and/or spinal deformity who cannot lie in the supine position
  • The patient needing regular intubation

Quick Intubation and Extraction of the endotracheal tube

Our BESDATA video stylet can be easily put in and taken out of the endotracheal tube. The matching endotracheal tube can have a complete range of specifications (3.5 mm-10.0 mm). These sizes are completely suitable for neonates and adult patients, especially for third- and fourth-grade patients in the MALLAM-PATI (Malan Pati) airway grading.

Quick Oxygen Deliver and Suction Unit

BESDATA  video stylet also have optional parts like in the picture, which could allow you to deliver oxygen and do suction. In some situations the secretion attaches on the camera,  you can suction through this unit and keep the view clear.

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