BD-SL Lighted Stylet

BESDATA BD-SL lighted stylet is composed of a metal handle, a light wand, a rubber tube stopper, and a rechargeable lithium battery. It is used as a guiding stylet in airway intubation. The red light shines with up to 20 000 lux.

You can use the BESDATA lighted stylet during blind intubation since the red light can go through the neck soft tissues, giving you an idea of where to intubate.

Advantages of BD-SL Lighted Stylet

  • Single use, sterile package to avoid cross-contamination from patient to patient.
  • Nasotracheal intubation guide and orotracheal intubation guide.
  • Malleable stylet to accommodate any anatomical feature.
  • 3-size option: 3.0mm, 4.0mm, and 5.0mm—suitable for neonate, pediatric, and adult endotracheal tube sizes, respectively.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Large-capacity lithium battery for long-term usage.
Size Suitable E.T.T size Handle Color Code
6Fr (2mm) Neonate , E.T.T 2.0-5.0cm Yellow
10Fr (3mm) Pediatric, E.T.T 5.5-7.5cm Green
12Fr(4mm) Adult, E.T.T 8.0-10.0cm Red

Lighted Stylet Clinical Usage in Blind Intubation

Airway management is always challenging during difficult airway intubation. A flexible bronchoscope or a video laryngoscope may not be available in some clinical cases. You need to be prepared for blind intubation.

Furthermore, sometimes, a blind nasal intubation is better than a bronchoscope. For example, if your patient has a thick neck or an unmovable post-surgery airway. This is where our BESDATA lighted stylet comes to the rescue.

BD-SL Lighted Stylet

Tips for Using Lighted Stylet with Video Laryngoscope

You can also use BESDATA Lighted Stylet together with BESDATA Video laryngoscope.  It could avoid sometimes “See but Failed To Intubate”. There some tips:

1, Choose Suitable Blade Size for Patient.

Fix the BESDATA Lighted Stylet with suitable ETT tube.

3, Shape the BESDATA Intubation Stylet according the blade shape, see above in the pic.

4, Intubate your patient.

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