BD-PL Handheld Plastic Video Laryngoscope

BD-PL handheld plastic video laryngoscope with 3″ LCD display, the display folds completely to allow the package to fit easily into a pocket for emergency airway management situations. BD-PL handheld plastic video laryngoscope with 5 sizes of regular curved blades and an additional curved blade.

BD-PL Handheld Plastic Video Laryngoscope Advantage

  1. Monitor 4-way rotation, 270° up/down, 130° left/right.
  2. Anti-fog camera.
  3. Press & Go, ready to use
  4. More space available with a blade height of 12 mm.
  5. Blade and Handle to assist with regular and difficult routes.
  6. Portable, lightweight and easy to use.
BD-PL Handheld Plastic Video Laryngoscope
Parts Description Technical Index
Machine Display 3inch LCD
Resolution 640*480(RGB)
Viewing angle >60°
Power <2W
Display front and rear rotation angle 0°~130°
Display up and down rotation angle 0-270°
Camera Illuminance ≥150 LUX
Resolution 1280*720 px
Image/Video function Image/ Video function Yes
Output USB output, Easy to storage and establish image/video
Memory type Micro SD card 8GB
Video/Photo Playback Yes
Batterty Battery Type Rechargable lithium battery
Capacity 1350mAh
Cycle life of battery >300 times
Battery working time >140min
Charging time <150min
Order Number 3010112 3010214 3010215 3010216 3010217 3010218 3010219
Description 3″ 4-way rotating LCD monitor miller0 MAC1 MAC2 MAC3 MAC4 D blade
Applications LCD monitor Neonate Pediatric Small Adult Adult Large Adult Difficult airway
Blade length / 8.2cm 10.5cm 12.1cm 14.2cm 16.1cm 13.2cm
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