BD-M7DF Reusable Video Laryngoscope with 7 Inch Monitor

BD-M7DF reusable video laryngoscope with a 7-inch monitor can be installed in an intensive care unit, operation room, anesthesia department, etc. The 1280*720 (RGB) high-resolution screen offers better vision of the endotracheal tube placement. The CMOS camera with an integrated cold white LED light offers an optimized glottis visualization.

Advantage of BESDATA BD-M7DF Reusable Video Laryngoscope with 7-Inch Monitor

  • 1280*720 (RGB) high-resolution monitor.
  • IPS screen with a viewing angle of > 80°.
  • Screen capture and video recording for teaching and training purposes.
  • HDMI output for video/image display.
  • Antifog CMOS camera that does not need heating before intubation.
  • Advanced Miller and Macintosh blades
  • Only a 12 mm mouth opening is needed.
  • All-in-one BESDATA airway management system, compatible with all airway intubation tools from BESDATA.
  • Reusable, so cost-effective, and eco-friendly.
Parts Description Technical Index
Monitor Display 7 inch LCD
Resolution Ratio 1280*720(RGB)
Viewing angle >80°
Power <2W
Weight 750g
Camera Illuminance >150 LUX
Resolution Ratio 1280*720 px
Image/Video function Image/ Video function Yes
Output SD Memory Card And HDMI Video Output

Easy to storage and establish image/video

Memory type Micro SD card 16GB
Video/Photo Play back Yes
Batterty Battery Type Rechargable lithium battery
Capacity 4300mAh
Cycle life of battery >300 times
Battery working time >120min
Charging time <150min
Blade Mill0 MAC1 MAC2 MAC3 MAC4 D blade
Application Neonate Pediatric Small Adult Adult Large Adult Difficult airway
Intubation Inner Diameter 2.5-4.0mm 4.0-5.0mm 5.0-6.0mm 6.0-9.0mm 7.5-10.0mm 6.0-10.0mm
Length 8.2 10.45 12.11 14.25 16.08 13.27
Sterilize Method 2.0%Glutaral fully soak for 10 minutes
Or  0.5%-0.6% Cidex OPA for more than 5 minutes

BD-DF Reusable Video Laryngoscope clinical usage

BD-M7DF 7-Inch Separate Big Monitor

The BESDATA BD-M7DF reusable video laryngoscope system can be connected to a separate big screen (7” monitor) and a portable screen (3” monitor). A separate screen with a video laryngoscope is recommended by COVID-19 airway management guidance listing since it can protect doctors from patients’ airway secretions, such as blood and sputum.

Easy Connection to Any Infusion Shelf

You can install the BESDATA BD-M7DF 7-inch separate big monitor onto any infusion shelf in your hospital. It offers an economical and affordable solution for clinicians, and can be used for:

  • Pre-hospital
  • Emergency
  • Resuscitation
  • Difficult airway
  • Anesthesia
  • Intensive care

BD-M7DF 7inch Seperate Big Monitor with 3 input port.

BD-M7DF Reusable Video Laryngoscope with 3 input port, it can connect with Besdata eco system reusable video laryngoscope, disposable video laryngoscope, Reusable stylet and disposable stylet, Double lumen endobronchial tube, laryngeal mask at the same time. Plug-in and go, easy to handle.

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