BD-IS Intubation Stylet

The BD-IS intubation stylet is a stylet that allows you to form the endotracheal tube into a proper shape and intubate your patients via blind intubation. This stylet is not too different from a medical bougie.

BESDATA BD-IS intubation stylet is suitable for neonatal, pediatric, and adult intubations in emergency situations, such as in an ambulance, in an emergency room, or in the ICU. The BESDATA BD-IS intubation stylets function well for routine and difficult airway intubation.

Advantages of the BD-IS Intubation Stylet

  • Disposable, single-use tool to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Suitable for oral and nasal intubation.
  • Malleable stylet to accommodate any anatomy.
  • 3 size options: 3.0mm, 4.0mm, and 5.0mm.
  • Medical-grade polycarbonate material that minimizes trauma during blind intubation.
  • Custom length and diameter options for your application.
BD-IS Intubation Stylet video cover

BD-IS Intubation Stylet Flexibility

The BESDATA BD-IS emergency intubation stylet is flexible, allowing the doctor or nurse to shape the endotracheal tube into a suitable form. Typically, this means bending the rod into an anatomical curve that would most optimally slide into a patient’s trachea to provide emergency airway space.

Our intubation stylets are made from special medical PC material, which minimizes the chances of damaging the patient’s mouth, throat, teeth, or vocal cords.

BD-IS Intubation Stylet
BD-IS Intubation Stylet

BD-IS Intubation Stylet Diameter and Length Options

We offer BESDATA intubation stylets in 3 main sizes suitable for emergency blind intubation of neonatal, pediatric, and adult patients.

These sizes are 3 mm, 4 mm, and 5 mm, respectively. You can also request us to manufacture custom intubation stylets with other diameters, and of various lengths.

Tips for Using Intubation Stylet with Video Laryngoscope

You can use BESDATA Intubation Stylet together with Video laryngoscope.  It could avoid sometimes “Could see glottis but could not intubate”. There some tips.

1, Choose the correct video laryngoscope blade size according to your patients.

2, Put intubation stylet into suitable endotracheal tube size.

3, Shape the BESDATA Intubation Stylet according the blade shape, see above in the pic.

4, Intubate your patient.

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