BD-HT Dolphin Plastic Video Laryngoscope

BD-HT dolphin video laryngoscope combines the advantages of a reusable video display with the functionality of Miller blades and Macintosh blades and a CMOS camera. The blades are made from top-grade medical polycarbonate material, which is useful in reducing trauma to the mouth, throat, and teeth.

The blades are single-use, cost-effective, and applicable in routine airway management and EMS environments.

BD-HT Dolphin Video Laryngoscope Advantages

  • Safety single-use device.
  • Antifog design.
  • High-resolution CMOS camera with antifog technology.
  • Quick Press & Go connector, always ready for use.
  • More available space with the 12 mm BESDATA blade height.
  • 7 size options for blades to work with both routine and difficult airway’s intubation.
  • Type-C USB output for video and image recording.
  • Removable SD card.
  • Portable and lightweight, weighing less than 170g.
BD-HT Dolphin Plastic Video Laryngoscope
Parts Description Technical Index
Machine Display 3inch LCD
Resolution 640*480 (RGB)
Viewing angle ≥60º
Power <2W
Display front and back rotation Angle 0 º~130 º
Weight 225g
Camera Illuminance ≥150 LUX
Resolution 1280*720 px
Image/Video function Image/ Video function Yes
Output USB output, Easy to storage and establish image/video
Memory type Micro SD card 8GB
Batterty Battery Type Rechargable lithium battery
Capacity 1350mAh
Cycle life of battery >500 times
Battery working time >240min
Charging time <2(hrs)
Blade Mill0 MAC1 MAC2 MAC3 MAC4 D blade
Application Neonate Pediatric Small Adult Adult Large Adult Difficult airway
Intubation Inner Diameter 2.5-4.0mm 4.0-5.0mm 5.0-6.0mm 6.0-9.0mm 7.5-10.0mm 6.0-10.0mm
Length 8.2 10.45 12.11 14.25 16.08 13.27
Sterilize Method 2.0%Glutaral fully soak for 10 minutes
Or  0.5%-0.6% Cidex OPA for more than 5 minutes

BD-DF Reusable Video Laryngoscope clinical usage

BD-HT Dolphin Video Laryngoscope with Removable SD Card

You can replace the SD card whenever the memory card storage is full. The output connector with a waterproof silicone cover protects your monitor during cleaning.

BD-HT Dolphin Plastic Video Laryngoscope
BD-HT Dolphin Plastic Video Laryngoscope

BD-HT Dolphin Video Laryngoscope Details of the Miller and Macintosh Blades

After combining the traditional Miller and Macintosh blades with a CMOS camera and anti-fog technology, BESDATA dolphin video laryngoscope became the ideal tool for unanticipated difficult airways intubation. For your convenience, you can continue using your traditional laryngoscopy skills with the familiar techniques, but using advanced equipment.

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