BD-DP Disposable EMS Video Laryngoscope

BD-DP disposable video laryngoscope consists of a monitor, an operation handle, and disposable blades. The BESDATA laryngoscope can work with both routine and difficult airway intubation procedures. Our disposable video laryngoscope could be used outside of hospitals for emergency services.

Furthermore, it could also be used in the clinical anesthesia department, operation room, and the ICU. The disposable blades do not require disinfection; they are sanitary and help avoid cross-contamination and keep doctors safe from a patient’s secretion.

Advantages of BD-DP Disposable Video Laryngoscope

  • Ergonomic design for easy intubation and handling.
  • Antifog blades and camera.
  • Screen capture and recording functions for teaching and training.
  • 5 sizes of blades for routine and difficult airway’s intubation.
  • Medical polycarbonate blades inflict less trauma during intubation.
  • Disposable blades are compatible with BD-M3 3-inch portable monitor and DB-M7 7-inch separate big monitor.
  • Thin blades that only need a 12 mm mouth opening.
BD-DP Disposable Video Laryngoscope video cover
Parts Description Technical Index
Machine Display 3inch LCD
Resolution 640*480 (RGB)
Viewing angle ≥60º
Power <2W
Display front and back rotation Angle 0 º~130 º
Weight 225g
Camera Illuminance ≥150 LUX
Resolution 1280*720 px
Image/Video function Image/ Video function Yes
Output USB output, Easy to storage and establish image/video
Memory type Micro SD card 8GB
Batterty Battery Type Rechargable lithium battery
Capacity 1350mAh
Cycle life of battery >500 times
Battery working time >240min
Charging time <2(hrs)
Blades Order No. DP-Mil0 DP-MAC1 DP-MAC2 DP-MAC3 DP-MAC4 DP-XD
Size Mil0 MAC1 MAC2 MAC3 MAC4 D Blade
Application Neonate Pediatric Small Adult Adult Large Adult Difficult airway
Suitable intubation ETT size / mm 2.5-4.0 4.0-6.0 5.0-6.0 6.0-9.0 7.5-10 7.5-10
Length(cm) 8.31 10.15 12.11 13.69 16.08 17.5


BD-DP Disposable Video Laryngoscope clinical usage

Reduce Risks of Trauma

In the BESDATA disposable video laryngoscope, the thin blades are made from a medial polycarbonate raw material. With only a 12 mm mouth opening needed, our device reduces the risk of damaging teeth or vocal cords.

Compatible with BD-M3 Portable Monitor and DB-M7 Separate Big Monitor

BESDATA is the only supplier in the market of disposable video laryngoscopes that supports compatibility with a separate big screen (7” monitor) and a portable screen (3” monitor). The separate screen with a video laryngoscope is recommended by the COVID-19 airway management guidance listing.

Disposable Blades Reduce Cross-contamination

The disposable blade is a single-use blade, It no need disinfection, reduce the cross-infection risk, reduce the cost of disinfection process. Save time for doctor and patients. It is ideal tool for prehospital emergency services. It is the ideal tool for resuscitation, pre-hospital settings and emergency care.

Built in Rechargable Battery

Besdata video laryngoscope with built in rechargable battery, battery continue working time more than 2hours,  no need pay extra battery cost. The USB output and input is very convenient for charging and Image/Video output.

Disposable Video Laryngoscope: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Probably, you would like to learn how disposable video laryngoscope works, its features, specification or parts.

A reason this guide answers all questions you have been asking about disposable video laryngoscope.

So let’s dive into the deep knowledge about disposable video laryngoscope to explore your desired answers.

1.  What Is Disposable Video Laryngoscope?

A disposable Video Laryngoscope is a medical instrument inserted in the mouth, with an external diameter of 3.2 mm and about 30 cm in length.

It has a 12-mm-diameter lens at the front end, and both sides are arranged with LED lights. It can be displayed on the LED screen directly after being put in the mouth.

Before creating this laryngoscope, there was a need for an instrument that could help hard to intubate patients. The first generation of disposable video laryngoscopes were also not user friendly.

With the next generation of Disposable Video Laryngoscopes, you can control the patient’s vocal cords by seeing what you see on the screen.

You can now manipulate the patient’s trachea with your hands while seeing what vocal cords are doing on the screen. It makes intubation efforts easier than ever before.

Diposable Video Laryngoscope

Disposable Video Laryngoscope

2.  Why Do We Need Disposable Video Laryngoscope?

Because it helps us to observe the vocal cords clearly and more precisely, it is convenient to carry and use.

It enables better triage in a crowded emergency room and allows less experienced staff to perform intubation on unanticipated critical patients.

The modern medical world has gone into a whole new dimension and continues to find various ways in making medical procedures easier, safer, and more effective.

This video laryngoscope is lighter, safer, and more reliable. With this instrument, perfect visualization of the vocal cords can be reached.

The video laryngoscope helps direct endotracheal intubation and performs the diagnosis of laryngeal diseases.

3.  What are the Clinical Advantages of Disposable Video Laryngoscope?

There are multiple clinical benefits due to these medical advancements, which are given as follows:

  • The primary benefit of a disposable video laryngoscope is that it is nearly impossible to pass pathogens from one patient to the next.
  • A disposable video laryngoscope can be disinfected and reused in other patients, proving much more cost-effective than the single-use variation.
  • Less Harshness and sore throat because of a less painful intubation procedure
  • Provides 10x better intraoral exposure than standard video devices
  • Less damaging risk to teeth
  • Less damaging risk of oesophageal cannulation
  • With a disposable video laryngoscope (DVL), you see your patient on a high-resolution colour monitor while you see their vocal cords in real-time.
  • Low risks of spine cervical because of nervous extension
  • Due to its simple design and construction can be quickly removed from a patient’s mouth and, therefore, reduce complications like bleeding and dental injury.
  • With Improved comfort, the disposable blade allows you to use this device repeatedly with minimal training because of its simple design.

4.  What Are The Features Of Disposable Video Laryngoscope?

        i.            High-Definition Screen

Disposable Video Laryngoscope uses a high-definition video camera with a built-in light source to record the larynx doctor’s diagnosis and is suitable for different clinical areas.

The high-definition screen also comprises a backlight LED and is rotatable to 90 degrees on the left side and 180 degrees on the right side.

      ii.            HD Pictures And Video Recordings

It comes with a built-in HD camera to record close-up area shots. The camera can record and capture photos and videos with just one touch button.

The lightweight, disposable video laryngoscope with Quattro view technology allows you to choose from four different images of the vocal cords. It helps you better visualize and intubate the trachea.

    iii.            Comfortable Handling

An ergonomically designed handle in this machine helps the operator handle this machine more easily. This handle helps to feel comfortable and perform actions efficiently and carefully.

    iv.            Portable Design

The design of the disposable video laryngoscope is portable enough to handle the machine in the best way due to its cordless and lightweight features.

      v.            Multiple Blade Sizes Compatibility

There are two choices of blades of various sizes per model. The blades could be grooved or normal. It’s up to the need of an operation.

5.  Can Disposable Video Laryngoscope Cause Failure During Performing Tracheal Intubation?

A disposable video laryngoscope is a widely used device in many medical fields. However, failure occurred during performing tracheal intubation when using a disposable video laryngoscope.

This failure often has been attributed to the abrupt displacement of aligning stylet because it is inconvenient to insert aligning stylet smoothly in the trachea during actual clinical application.

During tracheal intubation, the DVL can cause failure to the success of tracheal intubation and make it harder to obtain satisfactory conditions. In other words, DVL can cause failure in the performance of tracheal intubation.

Performing tracheal intubation is one of the most difficult procedures in anaesthesia. Before intubating, the patient’s neck must be extended and the tongue displaced.

If an inexperienced person performs with this machine, failure is much higher.

6.  What Are The Basic And Optional Components Of Disposable Video Laryngoscope?

Basic Components

        i.            Different Types of Blades

The blades of disposable video laryngoscope are of different types like C-shaped blades, MacIntosh-shaped blades, and Baskett-shaped blades.

And it can be found that the tips of the scopes are different. It includes a straight tip, curved tip, and angled tip too. The angling tip is deep and concave.

      ii.            Handle

The disposable video laryngoscopes are designed with a superior design and quality, which ensures patient safety.

As a further benefit to you, these laryngoscopes use an alligator forceps-style handle for ease of use.

    iii.            Light Source

Light source allows you to see into the trachea when intubating or performing cricothyrotomy.

    iv.            Battery

The Disposable Video Laryngoscope (DSVL) battery is a lithium battery used to power the camera system.

DSSL batteries typically last for about 3 hours of continuous use and can be recharged for repeated use if necessary.

Disposable Laryngoscope Components

Disposable Laryngoscope Components

Optional Components

        i.            Probe Protector

The Probe Protector (PP) is an integral part of the disposable video laryngoscope. Its intended use is to protect the child’s deflated cuff (DC) during lung auscultation.

The PP also permits easier insertion of the bronchoscope into the trachea.

      ii.            Close-up Lens

The Close-up Lens used in the Disposable Video Laryngoscope is adjusted to be illuminated by the light source after insertion on the patient’s glottis.

It enables the operator to direct the light beam directly at the vocal cord and evaluate a subglottic area without ambient light interference. That makes it much easier to inspect almost all areas of the glottis.

7.  What Are The Disposable Laryngoscope Blade Options?

There are three different blades available for the disposable video laryngoscope. The Macintosh and Miller blades are both metal blades, while the Fogarty blade is made of plastic.

        i.            Miller Blades

The miller Blade is a durable, all-purpose disposable laryngoscope blade that cuts through blood, mucus, and tissue.

      ii.            Macintosh Blade

Macintosh, a straight blade with a design like the traditional blade except that it offers a second window for lighting and viewing when the device is placed in reverse

    iii.            Fogarty blade

The Fogarty blade is curved with a spoon-shaped tip to allow convenient insertion into the mouth.

It is also shorter than reusable blades, which is particularly useful when working with children who have small mouths or are underweight.

8.  How Many Times A Direct Blade Can Be Used Rather Than Disposable Laryngoscope Blade?

The disposable video laryngoscope has already proved its effectiveness, and thus, its gradually replacing the traditional direct blade. The direct blade can be used again and again.

Manufacturers advertise the disposable laryngoscope blade, claiming it can be used more than once. The disposable blade doesn’t have a fixed number of times.

The video laryngoscope is designed to be used 5-10 times before replacement if there is enough lighting in the work environment. Otherwise, the blades should be replaced after each use, which is different from the advertising of other manufacturers.

9.  What Are The Reasons Behind Disposable Video Laryngoscope Superiority To Direct Laryngoscope?

  • Disposable Video Laryngoscope Superiority To Direct Laryngoscope is on the aspect of the economy.
  • It’s a cost-effective product and can be utilized by various users.
  • It is more appropriate for working in a group to utilize safety and cleanliness.
  • A disposable video laryngoscope (DVL) is an established, fast-evolving, promising tool.
  • Compared with a traditional direct laryngoscopy (DL), the DVL was associated with a higher success rate in first-attempt tracheal intubation and a decreased need for re-intubation.
  • A direct laryngoscope requires cleaning after every use, which takes time and can increase the risk of cross-contamination.

Disposable Video Laryngoscope Benefits

Disposable Video Laryngoscope Benefits

10.  What Are The Comparative Effectiveness Of C-Mac Video laryngoscope Vs Direct Laryngoscopy In Predicted Difficult Airways?

  • C-mac video laryngoscope is a new disposable and easy to use tracheal intubation device for all age groups of patients is predicted difficult airways.
  • The C-Mac Video Laryngoscope is designed to help reduce the number of difficult intubations a practitioner experiences in their career by preparing you for those situations that are not common but have a high risk of becoming so.
  • The C-Mac Video laryngoscope simulates cost-efficient and disposable difficult airway scenarios comparable to direct laryngoscopy.
  • The videos can be paused and replayed however many times it takes to master the techniques involved.
  • C-Mac Video laryngoscope is an endotracheal intubation device that illuminates the glottic opening and produces a video image.
  • The video laryngoscope was nominated for this study because of its noninvasive characteristics.
  • The Video Laryngoscope is also lighter and less expensive than DL but with better suction abilities.

11.  Which Types Of Disposable Video Laryngoscope Are There?

There are two types of disposable video laryngoscopes: reusable and non-reusable.

The former is often called a C-MAC, while the latter is called a disposable laryngoscope. Both types can be bought without difficulty over the Internet at reasonable prices.

        i.            Disposable Video Laryngoscope

A disposable video laryngoscope is very useful in a medical emergency because it provides the doctor with a clear video of the patient’s throat, which helps them to quickly and accurately identify any issues that may be present.

      ii.            C-Mac Video laryngoscope

The disposable tip of the advanced laryngoscope design enables easier and more direct manipulation of the anatomy. Thanks to the integrated disposable design, you can easily observe and perform your surgical procedures while avoiding the risk of cross-contamination.

12.  What Is The Difference Between Glidescope And Laryngoscope?

Glidescope laryngoscope
·         The Glidescope is a one-piece disposable video laryngoscope that allows visualization of the vocal cords before intubation.


·         The Glidescope provides an alternative method of obtaining direct visualization of the vocal cords during intubation.


·         Glidescope is an optical scope used for endoscopic procedures. It does not have a built-in light source.


·         The Glidescope is lighter than the laryngoscope, and the channel allows you to view with indirect light.


·         The Glidescope is easier to learn than conventional laryngoscopes with less complex designs.


·         Video Laryngoscope has a built-in light source for direct visualization of the airway during intubation and has the capability of live video recording.


·         The laryngoscope has small rods on either side of the tip to separate the channel and your hand while introducing an object into a person’s mouth.


·         A laryngoscope is a hand-held, tongue-shaped device that works like your telescope.







13.  Is It Safe To Use Disposable Video Laryngoscope?

After researching, we found that most doctors are using disposable video laryngoscopes. You might ask if it is safe to use a disposable video laryngoscope?

According to WebMD, Disposable Video Laryngoscopes have been approved by the FDA and are considered safe.  Disposable Video Laryngoscopes have a one-time use and are easy to use.

The video laryngoscope allows you to look at live images and navigate directly to the vocal cords. These devices will give you a better view than your set of loupes.

Disposable Video Laryngoscope

Disposable Video Laryngoscope

14.  How Do You Use Disposable Video Laryngoscope?

The disposable video laryngoscope is an instrument designed to facilitate intubation procedures.

It has been designed to allow a physician or other professional to obtain an image of a patient’s anatomy before placing any consumables into their airway.

The device is used by medical professionals, such as physicians and emergency medical technicians, to obtain visual images of the oesophagus, epiglottis, hyoid bone, and larynx.

i. This laryngoscope delivers high-quality images at all depths.

ii. Insert a battery into connector J1 and connect the cable to the DVL’s connector.

iii. Then place the lens on the patient’s vocal cords to be centred within view.

iv. Apply a loose articulating pressure on the laryngoscope handle and slide forward.

v. The camera at the tip of the laryngoscope will direct an image to its viewing window in real-time.

vi. By providing a view of the larynx for even untrained users, these devices allow medical professionals to perform more efficient and thorough evaluations.

15.  Is There Any Side Effect Of Using Disposable Video Laryngoscope?

Generally, there is no side effect of using disposable video laryngoscopes. It could be safe and effective if you attentively use the disposable video laryngoscope.

Today, doctors can use the disposable video laryngoscope in many operations due to its characteristics. The video laryngoscope is very delicate, and it is a new instrument for the operation today.

In short, this tool has no side effects, so it can be considered that there is no harm when you use it during operation, and it can prevent accidents.

The disposable video laryngoscope is non-toxic and harmless material in line with US and EU standards. It has no side effects or reactions, even if used for long.

16.  Is There Any Environmental Impact Of Using Disposable Video Laryngoscope?

The disposable video laryngoscope is a single-use product that can safely disposed of after single use.

It does not contain any metal or hazardous materials, which does not adversely impact the environment.

The disposable Video Laryngoscope requires packing, waste of packing materials and transportation from the factory to the hospital and then to the institution. The disposal of it involves serious environmental pollution.

Disposable Video Laryngoscope, in case of throat blockage, the injured patient may choke on vomit and breathe in some of it. That will generate infection inside the body and cause a considerable threat to his life.

A disposable video laryngoscope is “one-time use only”; thus, the cost of disposables is recovered during its first use without incurring additional expenses for subsequent uses.

17.  How Do You Know What Size Of Disposable Video Laryngoscope To Get?

An appropriately sized disposable video laryngoscope is critical for any difficult airway. The proper size of the endoscope not only depends on the sex of the patient but also the experience level of the person assisting in the difficult airway.

The laryngoscope needed is determined by the size of your patient’s airway and the type of endotracheal tube you will be using.

Most medical professionals prefer to use a small and medium-size laryngoscope blade. The medium size blade is 3mm longer and 5% wider than the small size blade.

A small disposable laryngoscope will be used with a patient with a small or thin neck. A large disposable laryngoscope will be used on a larger patient with a thicker neck.

18.  How Do You Choose A Disposable Video Laryngoscope?

The choice of a Disposable Video Laryngoscope comes down to three different styles: Fiber Optic, Dual Head, and One Head.

Each has its benefits and drawbacks. First, decide whether you want to locate the tip of your laryngoscope on the end of the handle or if you want bendable fibre optics (this is a personal preference).

Choose between a dual head and one head if you like the handle-tip design. Both have their benefits. After your decision has been made, evaluate the various brands based on overall quality and price.

19.  Is Disposable Video Laryngoscopy a Painful Process?

No Pain Video Laryngoscopy &Airway is a breakthrough medical device. Before, the only laryngoscope used was the Miller laryngoscope which caused a lot of trauma to patients’ throats and vocal cords.

The newly developed No Pain disposable Video Laryngoscopy &Airway makes intubation (placing a breathing tube into the patient’s airway) easier and more comfortable for both patient and physician.

20.  How Does The Usage Of Disposable Video Laryngoscopy Improve Intubation Outcomes?

First-time Intubations can be challenging, both for the inexperienced practitioner and the patient.

A lot of time is spent preparing before going to the operating room. With disposable video laryngoscopes, first-time incubators have a less intimidating view of the glottis than with a conventional laryngoscope.

You can see the glottis in real-time and in colour, which helps provide greater confidence and comfort to patients and the new provider during intubation.

21.  What Is The Cost Of Disposable Video Laryngoscope?

The cost mainly depends on the type of blade used in the video laryngoscope, whether reusable or disposable. But we are talking about the disposable video laryngoscope.

The whole machine can cost between the range of $1000- $15000, in a single blade usage, can cost about $6 – $18.

These costs are for the standard size of disposable video laryngoscope, which can vary depending on the tool’s size.

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