BD-DF Reusable Video Laryngoscope

BESDATA video laryngoscope uses the most optimized CMOS camera technology to make your intubation much easier. The smart antifog white LED light and CMOS camera offer an increased field of view of 60°, while the traditional direct laryngoscopes offer only 15°.

You can easily store your BESDATA video laryngoscope in Emergency Rescue Cars, OR rooms, and Emergency Rooms. You can install 7-inch-screen video laryngoscopes in ICU, NICU, and it can also enhance the training experience of anesthesiologists and other personnel.

Advantages of BD-DF Reusable Video laryngoscope

  • Ergonomic design: easy to intubate, easy to hold.
  • Antifog blade and camera.
  • Screen capture and recording functions for teaching and training.
  • Six size blades for difficult airways’ intubation.
  • Monitor with 1024*720 high-quality resolution for the best view of the glottis during intubation.
  • Compatible with BD-M3 3-inch portable monitor and DB-M7 7-inch separate big monitor.
Parts Description Technical Index
Machine Display 3inch LCD
Resolution 640*480 (RGB)
Viewing angle ≥60º
Power <2W
Display front and back rotation Angle 0 º~130 º
Weight 225g
Camera Illuminance ≥150 LUX
Resolution 1280*720 px
Image/Video function Image/ Video function Yes
Output USB output, Easy to storage and establish image/video
Memory type Micro SD card 8GB
Batterty Battery Type Rechargable lithium battery
Capacity 1350mAh
Cycle life of battery >500 times
Battery working time >240min
Charging time <2(hrs)
Blade Mill0 MAC1 MAC2 MAC3 MAC4 D blade
Application Neonate Pediatric Small Adult Adult Large Adult Difficult airway
Intubation Inner Diameter 2.5-4.0mm 4.0-5.0mm 5.0-6.0mm 6.0-9.0mm 7.5-10.0mm 6.0-10.0mm
Length 8.2 10.45 12.11 14.25 16.08 13.27
Sterilize Method 2.0%Glutaral fully soak for 10 minutes
Or  0.5%-0.6% Cidex OPA for more than 5 minutes

BD-DF Reusable Video Laryngoscope clinical usage

3-Inch Portable Monitor with USB Output

BESDATA video laryngoscope has a 3-inch portable monitor with USB output and an 8 GB storage card. This equipment is easy to store, and the data includes image and video recording with a high-quality resolution of 1024*720. It comes with an IPS screen in which the field view angle is more than 60°.

The monitor display rotates front and back 0°~130°.

Our monitor uses a rechargeable lithium battery, for ease of use.

BD-DF Reusable Video Laryngoscope details 2

Compatible with BD-M3 Portable Monitor and DB-M7 7-inch Separate Big Monitor

BESDATA is the only supplier in the market of video laryngoscopes that offers a separate big screen 7” monitor and a portable screen 3” monitor. Our video laryngoscope with a separate screen is recommended by COVID-19 airway management guidance listing. Such a screen can protect doctors from contact with patients.

Rotate and Go, Easy to Clean and Disinfection.

The heavy gold coated Connection Point with durable warranty life, Easy to clean and disinfection. The Rotate and Go Quick Connector Promise Stable Quality and Quick Intubation.

Multiple size for Routine and Difficult Airways Intubation,Mouth opening only 12mm

WIth 6 different size blades, It Increase the first time intubation success rate and reduce the intubation time.

12mm blades height offers more available space for intubation, Reduce the teeth damage risk.

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