BD-72Y 72H Y Type Closed Suction Catheter

BESDATA BD-72Y 72H Y-type closed-suction catheter features a safe and simple way of keeping a mechanically ventilated patient on continuous suction without breaking the circuit.

The suction catheters match tracheostomy tubes, and can have different lengths available. One such catheter is for one patient’s individual use only, and has to be replaced after 72 hours, or 3 days.

Advantages of BD-72Y 72H Y-Type Closed-Suction Catheter

  • Reduce the risk of infection for ICU patients.
  • Extra soft blue suction tip made from a gentle PVC material, guaranteeing less damage to the patient’s mucous membranes.
  • PU/PE catheter sleeve with proper hardness, elasticity, and transparency, to observe any blood clots and sputum.
  • Catheter labels with a day of the week to keep track of replacement schedule.
  • Color-coded control switch for quick recognition of the catheter diameter.
Product Code Size Colour Code Tube OD (mm) Length of Tube (mm)
BD-7240 Adult/72H/Tracheostomy Black 10Fr(3.35mm) 600mm
BD-7241 Adult/72H/Tracheostomy White 12Fr(4.05mm) 600mm
BD-7242 Adult/72H/Tracheostomy Green 14Fr(4.75mm) 600mm
BD-7243 Adult/72H/Tracheostomy Orange 16Fr(5.45mm) 600mm
BD-7250 Adult/72H/Endotracheal Black 10Fr(3.35mm) 300mm
BD-7251 Adult/72H/Endotracheal White 12Fr(4.05mm) 300mm
BD-7252 Adult/72H/Endotracheal Green 14Fr(4.75mm) 300mm
BD-7253 Adult/72H/Endotracheal Orange 16Fr(5.45mm) 300mm

Extra Soft Blue Suction Tip

The texture of the blue suction tip is extra soft. The smooth nozzle does not cause damage to your patient.

Additionally, the ultra-clear sleeve allows for maximum visibility of any obstruction or pathology.

BD-72Y 72H Y type Closed Suction Catheter
BD-72Y 72H Y type Closed Suction Catheter

Optional One-Way Valve Irrigation Port & Integrated MDI Port

One-way valve irrigation port allows for lavage and irrigation, preventing the leakage of secretions and cross-contamination.

An MDI port allows for the delivery of aerosol drugs, such as bronchodilators, into the ventilator circuit of mechanically ventilated patients.

Push Switch Valve and Luer Lock

The Push Switch Valve is very sensitive, could act in 0.8 seconds while most of other manufacture could only response in more than 10 seconds.  The bladder material inside the push switch is non-latex.  The push switch is without any  metal inside.

The whole product could be metal free, which is compatible for MRI.

BD-7Y 72H Y type Closed Suction Catheter detail
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