BD-72T 72H T Type Closed Suction Catheter

BESDATA BD-72T 72H T-type closed-suction catheter is a device used to remove a patient’s tracheal secretion through an endotracheal tube without taking the patient out of the ventilation system.

One of the biggest advantages is that it can reduce cross-contamination, pulmonary infection, and respiratory break-off during ventilation.

Advantages of BD-72T 72H T-Type Closed-Suction Catheter

  • A 360° swivel adapter provides optimal comfort and flexibility for both patient and nursing staff.
  • One-way valve irrigation port allows for lavage and irrigation, preventing infiltration of secretions and ventilation leakage.
  • Labels with days of the week.
  • Needleless one-way valve prevents incidental leakage before bronchial dilator injection.
  • Ultra-clear and soft sleeve allow for optimum visibility of any blockage.
  • A highly compact sleeve prevents infiltration of blood and sputum.
  • Clear T-piece for visualization of the pathway.
BD-72T 72H T type Closed Suction Catheter video cover
Product Code Size Colour Code Tube OD (mm) Length of Tube (mm)
BD-7230 T-Piece Adult /72H/Endotracheal Black 10Fr(3.35mm) 600mm
BD-7231 T-Piece Adult /72H/Endotracheal White 12Fr(4.05mm) 600mm
BD-7232 T-Piece Adult /72H/Endotracheal Green 14Fr(4.75mm) 600mm
BD-7233 T-Piece Adult /72HVEndotracheal Orange 16Fr(5.45mm) 600mm
BD-7220 T-Piece Adult/72H/Tracheostomy Black 10Fr(3.35mm) 300mm
BD-7221 T-Piece Adult/72H/Tracheostomy White 12Fr(4.05mm) 300mm
BD-7222 T-Piece Adult /72H/Tracheostomy Green 14Fr(4.75mm) 300mm
BD-7223 T-Piece Adult /72H/Tracheostomy Orange 16Fr(5.45mm) 300mm

BESDATA 72hrs T-Type Closed-Suction Catheter with Gas Plug in Automatic Switch

The automatic flushing switch helps you prevent the patients from cross-contamination, ventilator-associated events, and ventilator-associated pneumonia during the ventilation procedures.

It allows the caregiver to do single-handed suction control operations when suctioning the patient.

BD-72T 72H T type Closed Suction Catheter 1
BD-72T 72H T type Closed Suction Catheter


The extra soft blue suction tip is the best suction tip, causing minimum damage and discomfort for your patients.

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