BD-72L 72H L Type Closed Suction Catheter

BESDATA BD-72Y 72H Y-type closed-suction catheter is a catheter with a 15mm flexible double-swivel elbow and a gas plug with an automatic flushing switch. You can also request an optional MDI port, one-way irrigation port, clear pathway evacuation port, and an ultra-clear PU protective sleeve.

The sleeve prevents your patient’s secretion from spraying out, reducing the risk of cross contamination, ventilator-associated events, and ventilator-associated pneumonia during the ICU days.

Advantages of BD-72Y 72H Y-Type Closed-Suction Catheter

  • Disposable use.
  • 3-days duration of use on one patient.
  • Sterilization package for a single patient’s use only.
  • Double-swivel connector to reduce torque on your patient in an emergency.
  • MDI port, one way-irrigation port options.
  • Trac-Wedge device to help you separate the catheter from your ventilating patient’s tracheal tube or tracheostomy tube.
BD-72L 72H L type Closed Suction Catheter video cover
Product Code Size Colour Code Tube OD (mm) Length of Tube (mm)
BD-7210 Adult/72H/Endotracheal Black 10Fr(3.35mm) 600mm
BD-7211 Adult/72H/Endotracheal White 12Fr(4.05mm) 600mm
BD-07212 Adult/72H/Endotracheal Green 14Fr(4.75mm) 600mm
BD-07213 Adult/72H/Endotracheal Orange 16Fr(5.45mm) 600mm
BD-7200 Adult/72H/Tracheostomy Black 10Fr(3.35mm) 300mm
BD-7201 Adult/72H/Tracheostomy White 12Fr(4.05mm) 300mm
BD-7202 Adult/72H/Tracheostomy Green 14Fr(4.75mm) 300mm
BD-7203 Adult/72H/Tracheostomy Orange 16Fr(5.45mm) 300mm

L type Closed Suction Catheter with Automatic Flushing Switch

You can see the blue bear piece which is automatic flushing switch.  It helps prevent the secretions flows everywhere or cross contamination.  It also allows single hand operation when doing suction.

BD-72L 72H L type Closed Suction Catheter Detail 2
BD-72L 72H L type Closed Suction Catheter Detail 3

Trac-Wedge Device and Swivel Connector

Trac-Wedge device aids in disconnection of the catheter from the patient’s tracheal or tracheostomy tube.

Even first-time caregivers can operate this device to improve their skills. Swivel connector helps reduce torque for a patient.

Convenient for Caregivers to Change the Catheter

Color-coded markings of the sizes of the control switches are easy to recognize. Also, weekday stickers are included to remind you to change the catheter every 3 days. Naturally, the stickers/labels could be in any language.

BESDATA ergonomic Trac-Wedge device will help you separate the catheter from the patient’s tracheal tube, avoiding the infliction of any damage or pain to your patients.

BD-72L 72H L type Closed Suction Catheter
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