BD-24Y 24H Y Type Closed Suction Catheter

BESDATA BD-24Y 24H Y-type closed-suction catheter is made from high transparency PU sleeves. It includes optional features of irrigation ports, MDI ports, and flexible dual swivels.

It is also available for tracheostomy tubes. A 30 cm (12inch) catheter is used only for artificial airways during tracheostomy, while a 30 cm (23.6inch) catheter is used for an endotracheal artificial airway.

Advantages of BD-24Y 24H Y-Type Closed-Suction Catheter

  • Needs replacement after 72 hours, instead of 24.
  • Closed airway circulation, preventing cross-contamination between the patients and caregivers.
  • Super soft blue suction tip, reducing the pain to your patients during the suction process.
  • Extra elasticity and optimized transparency of the sleeve allows for easy the observation of the blood and secretions inside the catheter.
  • Weekday stickers to remind the caregiver of replacement.
  • Different color-coded control switches to help recognize the catheter size quickly.
  • MDI port and one-way irrigation port options.
  • Double-swivel connectors.
  • Trac-Wedge device
BD-24Y 24H Y type Closed Suction Catheter video cover
Product Code Size Colour Code Tube OD (mm) Length of Tube (mm)
BD-2440 Neonatal/24H Grey 5Fr (1.7mm) 300mm
BD-2441 Neonatal/24H Light Green 6Fr(1.95mm) 300mm
BD-2442 Pediatric/24H Ivory 7Fr (2.3mm) 300mm
BD-2443 Pediatric/24H Light Blue 8Fr (2.7mm) 300mm
BD-2444 Pediatric & Child/24H Black 10Fr (3.35mm) 400mm
BD-2445 Big Child/24H White 12Fr (4.05mm) 400mm
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