BD-24L 24H L Type Closed Suction Catheter

BESDATA BD-24L 24H L type closed-suction catheter forms a closed airway circulation using airway ventilators. It reduces the risk of cross-contamination and infection more effectively compared to the traditional open-suction catheter.

BESDATA closed-suction catheter maintains oxygen levels throughout the ventilation process, without disconnecting the airway from the ventilator. This design helps reduce oxygen desaturation.

Advantages of BD-24L 24H L Type Closed-Suction Catheter

  • Sterilization package for single patient use only, with disposable use.
  • 24-hour use on one patient.
  • Soft tip reduces damage to the patients’ airway.
  • Metered-dose inhaler port and one-way lavage irrigation port options.
  • Color-coded rings show different sizes of the catheter for easy recognition.
  • Double-swivel elbow connector to reduce strain on patients.
  • Available for tracheostomy tubes, normally 30 cm (12inch), but could be customized.
  • Disconnection wedge available.
  • Extendible tube is available.
  • Weekday stickers to remind the caregivers for replacement.
BD-24L 24H L type Closed Suction Catheter video Cover
Product Code Size Colour Code Tube OD (mm) Length of Tube (mm)
BD-24SL0 Simple Neonatal/24H/Tracheostomy Grey 5Fr (1.7mm) 300mm
BD-24SL1 Simple Neonatal/24H/Tracheostomy Light Green 6Fr(1.95mm) 300mm
BD-24SL2 Simple Pediatric/24H/Tracheostomy Ivory 7Fr (2.3mm) 300mm
BD-24SL3 Simple Pediatric/24H/Tracheostomy Light Blue 8Fr (2.7mm) 300mm
BD-24SL4 Simple Adult/24H/Tracheostomy Black 10Fr (3.35mm) 600mm
BD-24SL5 Simple Adult/24HTracheostomy White 12Fr (4.05mm) 600mm
BD-24SL6 Simple Adult/24HVTracheostomy Green 14Fr (4.75mm) 600mm
BD-24SL7 Simple Adult/24H/Tracheostomy Orange 16Fr (5.45mm) 600mm
BD-24SEo Simple Neonatal/24H/Endotracheal Grey 5Fr (1.7mm) 300mm
BD-24SE1 Simple Neonatal/24H/Endotracheal Light Green 6Fr(1.95mm) 300mm
BD-24SE2 Simple Pediatric/24H/Endotracheal Ivory 7Fr (2.3mm) 300mm
BD-24SE3 Simple Pediatric/24H/Endotracheal Light Blue 8Fr (2.7mm) 300mm
BD-24SE4 Simple Adult/24H/Endotracheal Black 10Fr (3.35mm) 600mm
BD-24SE5 Simple Adult/24H/Endotracheal White 12Fr (4.05mm) 600mm
BD-24SE6 Simple Adult/24H/Endotracheal Green 14Fr (4.75mm) 600mm
BD-24SE7 Simple Adult/24H/Endotracheal Orange 16Fr (5.45mm) 600mm

Easy Replacement

The BESDATA closed-suction catheters include depth markings to facilitate the proper catheter insertion into the tracheal tube. You can easily recognize the sizes of catheters by the color-coded ring.

You can also easily separate the BESDATA closed-suction catheter from the patient’s tracheal tube and avoid harming your patients. Our catheters are easy to replace during the ICU process.

BD-24L 24H L type Closed Suction Catheter Specification
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